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The Top Five Weirdest Presidents

No description

Rachel Bruce

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of The Top Five Weirdest Presidents

Fifth Weirdest President 5. Calvin Coolidge THE END His mother use to dress him up
as a little girl when he was two and was the first president to have his mom be eligible to vote for him. 4.Franklin Roosevelt He owned alligators and silk worms as pets
and swam naked in the Potomac
River everyday 4.John Quincy Adams 5.James Madison 3.Benjamin Harrison
He also owned weird pets like a pygmy hippo, wallaby, and two lions Top Five Weirdest President By Rachel Bruce James Madison only weighed 100 pounds and is the shortest president. He is 5'4. An average man who is 5'4 should weigh 135-145 pounds = Fifth Most Weirdest President FOURTH Weirdest President Guess who this is I'm guessing he was a mommy's boy. Fourth Weirdest President Who wants to swim
in that now? Third Weirdest President AHHH! Benjamin Harrison was afraid of
light switches. He demanded his
staff to turn the switches on and
off for him and his wife A Light Switch!!
Its so scary Calvin Coolidge is known for
eating breakfast whiling rubbing
Vaseline on his head in bed He is also known for riding his own mechanical bull I'm gonna be just
like the president And ringing the White House
doorbell and running off to hide He wants to be like
the president too Calvin Coolidge's son died
of blood poisoning from
getting an infected blister
after playing tennis. WARNING
THIS SPORT CAN KILL YOU Calvin Coolidge died from
attempting to shave but
then falling on the floor Warning
Shaving can also kill you
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