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HopHop. The app

With HopHop, you can view events in your area, join your friends' events, or create an event of your own.

Commander Shepard

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of HopHop. The app

Use HopHop! GET PROFIT! KEEP IN TOUCH DOWNLOAD NOW! Start Making plans or looking for something to do? awesome faetures HopHop new way to share your events SHARE YOUR PLANS
SEE WHAT'S HAPPENING IN YOUR AREA Push notifications for variouse activity SIGN-IN WITH ANY DOUBT? HopHop is integrated with Seat Geek (Canada/US), ActionList (Moscow/Ukrain), Seatwave (Europe),
Event.ly for list of events and places worldwide How HopHop can change my life? Create Ideas and Events HopHop...what is that? Getting people together is easy. Venues can use HopHop to notify about specials and
keep in touch with fans. Discover Events near by popularity or location. Think of it as Twitter for Events Invite Friends to Events Feed,Comments,Likes, Private/Public Foursqare & Instagram integration Sign-up for your favorite places so you will never miss an event in your favorite location Sign-up for friends, promoters and event managers to keep up to date with
what is going to happen details for venue Notify guest about events, discounts, special
offers and etc. Grow community of lovers

User can like, comment and invite friends to events rising the event in top lists. www.hophop.mobi
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