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First Day of School

7 Questions

Sasha Reinhardt

on 6 August 2015

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Transcript of First Day of School

Welcome to 8th Grade!!

Here are the answers to some things you may be curious about today...

This is Mrs. Reinhardt's Class!

I'm glad you're here!
Am I in the right room??
You may choose your seats for today and I will assign them permanently as I get to know you better.
Where am I supposed to sit?
What are the expectations for this classroom?
This year you will be learning that we are all successful writers and we are all successful readers.
What will I be doing this year?
You will be publishing pieces of writing.
You will be corresponding with me about books of your choice.
You will be learning more about who you are and what you want out of life.
You will be learning about the importance of being kind.
I will be using Standards Based Grading, on a 3 point system.
How will I be graded?
You will receive a weekly homework grade for reading.
You will receive grades on several pieces of writing.
I am many things, but you can call me Mrs. Reinhardt :-)
Who is your teacher?
This is my family at my oldest son's 8th birthday party. It was a Harry Potter themed party!
(They are my ultimate, all-time, forever favorites.)
I have two sons, who are 11 and 5. My
husband is a social worker (and also my very best friend AND also really tall).
I love reading. As in, I am a huge book nerd.
In fact, I have been collecting books for you all summer so I can turn
all of you into book nerds, too.
I also really love technology and we will be using it A LOT!
Will I be treated fairly?
In a word, YES! Of course! I am here to help you learn and make your life better, not more difficult.
You are all coming to me with a clean slate.
I will not judge you based on who your family is or isn't...
I will not judge you based on what your teachers thought of you last year, or any other year.
I know that all of you CAN and WILL be successful this year.
And the most important part of my job is helping you discover and reach YOUR definition of success.
I grew up in Bath County (Olympia, actually) and went to this very same middle school.
Please contact me anytime with any questions!

Please also keep checking my teacher webpage on the school's website. It will be updated weekly with lesson plans and other information!

Please let me know how and when is the best way to contact you!

You will be reading LOTS of books!
Absences and Excuses
All pupils are expected to attend school regularly and to be on time for classes in order to gain the most
benefit from the instructional program and to develop desirable traits of punctuality, self-discipline,
and responsibility. Therefore, the board has adopted the following attendance provisions:
Legal action shall be sought against parents of habitually truant students younger than twelve (12)
years of age under the auspices of the County Attorney’s office. Charges will be filed directly against 12
habitually truant students twelve (12) to eighteen (18) years of age initially through the offices of the
Court Designated Worker. Students eighteen years of age (18) or older will be charged by the County

Due to space constraints, parents and students are urged to limit the size appropriately. (No Sport
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