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Copy of Biomes Project: Northern Coniferous Forest


Priscilla Randall

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Biomes Project: Northern Coniferous Forest

25th Wedding Anniversary Climate longer and warmer growing season
averages 20 in. of precipetation per year
soil moisture is high as a result of cool temperatures and low evaporation rate
mineral soil is thin and drained
thick deposits of peat and organic soil
Abiotic factors mild temperatures

lots of precipitation during fall, winter, and spring

cool dry summers

rocky acidic soils Dominant wildlife wild life includes flying squirrels, moose, deer, owls, the bald eagle, beavers the black bear and more

mostly herbavores

Priscilla K. Randall Food Web Food Chain Human impact on the Northern Coniferous forest How to become a chro Janna
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