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MiReport - Online Tour - Website

An introduction to MiReport - DO NOT EDIT!

IT Helpdesk

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of MiReport - Online Tour - Website

What is MiReport?
An interactive shipment activity platform
MiReport is Your Report - tailored to your needs
Add clarity to your supply chain activities. Cut ambiguity
Create Workflows - Increase efficiency. Reduce email ping pong
Give access to your own customers - control what they see
Real time, intelligent & backed up by solid processes
Individual & bespoke automonitoring tool - email alert system
MiReport is easy to use!
online logistics tool by OIA Global
Email alerts
What you will see
Document Handling
KPI and Performance Reports
and what your customer might see
You can restrict access to everything to give your customers just the information you want them to see
One Click Status Search
You can view, download and even upload your own in seconds.
Labels and colour coded tabs make identification related document really easy.
Reduce email ping pong by having one place for all shipment documents
Get answers to those pesky 'W' questions

The MiReport Lounge
The Lounge is just a single click away
The MiReport Lounge is a custom built extranet to keep all non-shipment information within easy reach.
For example:
- Standard Operating Procedures
- Product handling instructions / manuals
- KPI's and Charts
- Photos and videos

(Google Profile required for Lounge access)
This is how we keep the wheels turning:

Choose to receive proactive, reactive and/or informational alerts about all the stages in your supply chain activities
Enable Decisions in MiReport to move workflows online
All decisions are logged and email alerts are sent automatically.
Customer Access
We know that the supply chain is a means to an end.
You have customers waiting and deadlines to meet.
Share MiReport with them and cut down on your workload at the same time. Don’t want them seeing all the data and documents you have access to? No problem. Their logins will only show them what you want them to see.
Find your stuff. Fast
If you can Google you can use MiReport.

Use the universal search box to find anything in seconds.

Even partial searches work - handy for when you don’t have the entire order number at hand.

Combine universal search with column search to turn MiReport into a mini-reporting tool.

A click on the legend at the top shows you all the shipments with that status.
Fast and Easy.

What's my Status?
Colour coded Status bars running along the bottom of each shipment line tells you immediately where it is at.
All documents in one place
Love it or loathe it, documents are still the lifeblood of supply chain movements.

We’ve gathered them all in one place.

No more hunting and gathering for the latest version!

Crystal Clear Communication
We hate grey areas of responsibility and ambiguity as much as you do.
With the MiReport Log this all goes away.

Know exactly Who did What and When. No more digging through mountains of mail to discover who is responsible.

Simplify your Decisions
We think we know a thing or two about logistics workflow.
We also realise that every company is different. So we designed MiReport Decisions with this in mind.

Whatever your offline decision process is - we’ll take it online for you: The results can be astounding.

No more email ping-pong. No doubt about the ‘latest version’ of anything.

Workflows can be tricky. Let us show you how we can simplify this process. Efficiency is the winner.

Be Alert!
We don’t expect you to monitor your supply chain movements.
We will send you email alerts for any changes to shipment status or workflow next-steps. Don’t want them for each shipment? Fine, we can send you a daily/weekly summary instead. Or none at all. You decide.
How are we doing?
For our premium customers we design bespoke month performance reports telling you exactly how we have performed in the shape of easy to digest charts.

+44 (0)20 7265 3100
Search / Status
Customer Access
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