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physical therapist

No description

Stephanie Valle

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of physical therapist

Physical and emotional stress
Why I want to be a physical therapist?
I want to be a physical therapist because I like most of the things that the career does, such as:
helping people, children, and adults that have illnesses or children that have been born with problems. I think that this career could be good for me because I like to learn about the human body.

What is a physical therapist and what history it has
A physical therapist is a person that helps people who have injuries or illnesses to improve their movement and manage their pain.
The profession of physical therapy in the United States developed during World War 1, so that injured peaple in the war could be able to go to war again.
Physical Therapist

Skills required for the job
Compassion: Physical Therapists are often drawn to profession in part desire to help people.
Detail Oriented: Physical Therapists should have strong analytic and observational skills.
Dexterity: Physical Therapists should be comfortable using their hands to do manual therapy.
Interpersonal skill: Physical Therapists should enjoy working with patients. They must be able to explain treatment, programs, educate their patients, and listen to patients concerns.
Physical stamina: Physical Therapists spend most of their time on the patient's feet. The physical therapists should enjoy physical activity.

The degree and the summer jod
The education necessary for this job is doctoral or professional degree.
For a summer job it could be a physical therapist assistant.
work hours: 40hr
the salary range: $76,310per year $36.69per hour
the fringe benefits: medical, dental, prescription plans, and vision.
Work hours , salary range, and fringe benefits
By:Stephanie Valle
4th period
Entry Level Job and Working Condition
Entry Level Job description: diagnose, manage movement dysfunction, enhance physical, and functional abilities.
Working conditions: hospitals, outpatient clinic, private offices, and home health agencies
One of the stresses that a physical therapist might get is emotional stress, because sometimes the patients don't fallow the plan that the therapist set up for them.
Disadvantages: physical therapist may not have enough time to give all their patients the necessary attention.
Advantages: physical therapists can help people to regain their strength and their ability to move without any pain.
Advantages and disadvantages of a physical therapist
Feature out look of the job
There are currently more physical therapists employed in offices providing therapy, occupational and/or speech therapy then in any other health care segment.
Am I suited for this career?
I think that I'm suited for this career because I love helping people. This project has helped me understand more of this career because now I know how many ways there is to this job. I didn't know that physical therapists could do jobs with thing that era involve in dental and vision.
Career ladder
age 18
go to a University
1-2 years
What I need to obtain my goal
To obtain my goal I need to:
get good grades, get into a University, get my Doctoral degree, get hired and then start my new career
4 year
2-4 years
advance degree
working partime as a physical therapist
start working as a physical therapist in a hospitel
high school diploma
career/technical school training
no high school diploma
start learning thing thats part of physical therapist
finish middle school
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