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B&M September 2014

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Alison Borg

on 3 September 2017

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Transcript of B&M September 2014

Your semester 1 calling
International HRM - 4th edition
Anne-Wil Harzing & Ashly Pinnington
Business & Management September 2014

What can we do to help?
Your session : What do you want to get out of it?
New to this edition
Fewer chapters, greater depth, improved structure
More focus on Cross-Cultural Management
Less overlap and repetition between chapters
Hot topics of Equality/Diversity and CSR/Ethics given own chapters
More consistent use of learning features, increased interactivity
What to show
Learning objectives & chapter outlines
Stop & Reflect boxes *NEW*
Summary and conclusions
Discussion Questions*NEW*
Case studies with questions
Further reading & internet resources
Self-assessment questions
Companion Website

For Lecturers:
• Instructors Manual
• PowerPoint Slides

For Students:
• Annotated Web Links
• Free access to full-text SAGE online journal articles

The Competition
Edwards & Rees
2nd edition
Dowling et al
5th edition
Brewster et al
3rd edition
Your target
Ethics Theory & Business Practice
Mick Fryer
What to know
What to show

For Lecturers:
PPT slides
Additional Exercises
Notes on Exercises and Activities
Additional Videos
Assessment Activities
For Students:
Chapter summaries
Self-test questions

The Competition
Crane & Matten
3rd edition
Griseri & Seppala

Fisher & Lovell
3rd edition
Your target
Go through your HESA stats and/or data mine.

List your top 3 lecturers/universities to target
for 2nd semester business

How will you reach target?
Global Shift 7th Edition
Peter Dicken
December 2014
New to this edition
What to know

For Lecturers (for IB):
Lecturer notes
Case studies
PowerPoint slides 
For Students:
Glossary flashcards
Online readings (Geo,Pol,Sociology)
Author videos

Your target
Author video
Now in full colour
Updated data and cases
Improved CW resources
Economic geography of globalization
Discussion of key issues e.g financial crisis
Detailed yet accessible charts and graphs
Case studies from a range of industries
Lack of jargon and clear definition of terms
What to look for
Top 3 rollovers
Top 3 new business
Next steps...
Advertising & Promotion - 3rd edition
Chris Hackley & Rungpaka Amy Hackley
New to this edition
What to show
Companion Website

For Lecturers:
PowerPoint Slides
Tutor Guide
IMC Jeopardy Game
For Students
SAGE Journals Online
Video Links
Web links
Author Blog

Your target
The Competition
Belch & Belch
Global edition
Shimp & Andrews
9th edition
Social Media Marketing : Theories & Applications
Stephan Dahl
What to know
What to show
Companion Website

For Lecturers:
Lecturer power point slides
Tutor's manual
For Students:
SAGE Journal articles
Online videos
Author blog

The Competition
Your target
Coming in 2015
Marketing Communications - 2nd edition
John Egan
What to show
• Relatively
compared to competition

Student-centric case studies

Insight boxes

• In-chapter

Review Questions

Discussions Questions
New to this edition
Companion Website

For Lecturers:
Instructor’s Manual
PowerPoint slides
For Students:
Web links
Video links

The Competition
6th edition
De Pelsmacker
4th edition
Dahlen et al

Your target
Marketing Communications Management -
2nd edition
Paul Copley
Similar but not the same
What to show
Companion Website

For Lecturers:
Additional case studies
Instructor’s Manual
PowerPoint slides
For Students:
Student exercises
SAGE Online Readings
Video material
Web links

Your target
In your teams take a look at your sample chapters - devise a plan to present your lecturers with a match made in heaven (come up with a list of questions to create a need against the competition and differentiate between the 2)
The Competition
6th edition
De Pelsmacker
4th edition
Dahlen et al

Approach based around foundational academic theory
Research Highlights
Research Directions
Digital Marketing Plan
Companion Website
Stop Points
Links to SAGE journal articles in the text under ‘Further Reading’ and on the SAGE website too for the full article
• a new chapter on creativity, strategy and planning
• new case studies with increased global coverage including emerging markets
• new images of classic and recent ads from the street, print, online and television
• increased coverage of the internet, social media and their effects on advertising
• Enhanced companion website materials

New 16 page ad section showing classic and recent ads in full colour
Useful Journal Articles
Author Blog

For each of the titles on your sheet, take some time to list your top 3 second semester opportunities that you will be prioritizing when back on campus
What to show
The book offered a great basis from which to explore a variety of issues surrounding economic processes of globalization. Its focus on the role of geography, space and location was exactly the angle that I wanted to take in this course and by the end of the course students were really attuned to the intricate workings of contemporary global economic processes.
Dr Ioanna Chini, Department of Business and Management, Sussex University
SAGE’s first textbook for Business Ethics courses
Theoretically robust – starts with theory and links to business issues
Cases, examples and scenarios help students relate to theory and apply it
Chapter opening scenarios
Theory in Practice cases and exercises
Video Activities with QR codes
Pause for Reflection
Discussion Questions
Further Study – books, articles, videos

International business
Contemporary issues in business
Global business
Global economy
• New chapter on Digital Marketing
• Updated Chapters
• Much improved and contemporary, student-friendly design
2 colour
Main strengths against competition
Use of up-to-date data
Extensive case studies grounded in the real world
Discussion of key issues i.e financial crisis
Relationship between TNCs and states
Author voice and ongoing theme throughout
course content/reading lists: looks for keywords such as globalization, TNCs, contemporary issues
around globalization: How is this covered? How important is up-to-date data? How do they cover issues around TNCs?
Don't forget the name:
Peter Dicken is a huge name so use it to spark interest
Queen Mary's, Stockholm and Oslo
UEL, DCU, LSE, Regents, Edinburgh, Birmingham, London Met, Loughborough, Southampton and Uppsala
Sales between editions
'John Egan has done an excellent job in the latest comprehensive edition of Marketing Communications.
He combines a compelling writing style and excellent exemplification with stimulating case studies and up-to-date theoretical content. This text is an excellent choice for communication researchers and students studying a programme or module on marketing communications.'
Professor Paul Baines, Professor of Political Marketing and Director, Masters in Management Programme, Cranfield University, UK
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