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MK Product Launch

sales and event promotion final project

Amber Lopez

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of MK Product Launch

eco-friendly high fashion handbags Michael Kors photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli The purpose of this product launch product is to build awareness of the product, increase sales and promote our event that ultimately releases this new product into the fashion scene. The product budget will be $25, 250. The campaign will start in July and end with the release of the eco-friendly handbags to stores in November. Executive Summary Increase sales by 20% in the next 3 months
Reach at least 5,000 new customers who are aware of the new product line by the release date
Sell 30% of eco-friendly handbags at the fashion show release. Objectives Marketing Strategy Celebrity Endorser: Cameron Diaz
Advertisement in Michael Kors catalog
Advertisement on Michael Kors website
Social Media Marketing Tactics Interview on E! with Guiliana Rancic on October 2nd.
Press Release on September 28th. Media Plan Budget Our giveaway items Evaluation Timeline/Calendar The positioning strategy is that Michael Kors is the first to design a fashionable eco-friendly handbag.
Michael Kors wants to change the way you look at handbags. The goal is to make consumers see that they can still be fashionable without harming the environment. Expenses
Venue 8,000
Models 2,000
Handbags 7,500
Fashion Show Staff 6,550
Giveaways 1,200
MK Catalog 0
MK Website 0
Social Media 0
Press Release 0
Interview 0
Total 25,250 July
18th Announcement of handbags on Michael Kors website
20th Social Media releases of Michael Kors new line on twitter, facebook & instagram


15th Advertisement in monthly Michael Kors catalog
15th Advertisement on Michael Kors website
31st Put in order for key fob giveaways

1st Deadline for hiring fashion show staff
28th Press release
30th Must have key fob giveaways

2nd Interview with E!
18th Rehearsal for fashion show
19th Fashion Show

3rd Michael Kors eco-friendly handbag available Anyone who attends the fashion show will receive a Michael Kors key fob as a gift.
Inside will have a reminder of the release date of the eco-friendly handbags. If sales increase by 20% or more the promotion strategies were a success.
Surveys will be issued at the fashion show with a 20% off coupon. The Venue
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