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Equity Challenge [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 17 November 2016

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Transcript of Equity Challenge [Shared]

Equity Challenge
Keniq Coney
March 18, 2015

The year was 2001...
and it was Back to School time...
Alicia Keys was a brand new artist rocking cornrows and playing the piano like we had never seen before.
In just a few weeks, September 11th would no longer be just a date on the calendar—airport travel would never be the same.
Rachel Roy debuted on the Food Network and introduced us to EVOO.
Sex and the City and The Sopranos were big hits on HBO.
We had no idea that Facebook would change our lives because Mark Zuckerberg was in his senior year of high school!

I was in my second year of teaching at Andrew Hill High School.
Isaiah was a sophomore.
I taught six classes, he changed his schedule so that he would be in three of them.
A few things I didn't know at the time…
In just a few weeks Isaiah would embarrass me at the surprise birthday party my students threw for me by smashing cake in my face.
He would forever change my life and career.
Situation: Basic Science, Basic Math,
Basic English, Basic History
Receives his class schedule
The word
is in front of each of his content classes.
He was embarrassed to show his schedule to his peers in general education classes.
Until then, the world and his peers had no idea that Isaiah had a learning disability.
He felt ostracized and he was.
BTW: I teach special education
In my 2nd year of the corps and I was determined to leave my mark.
Become a TFA poster child… You know the ones… Significant gains, speak at opening ceremonies… “That’s why I Teach for America”
TASK: Do Something
“Yo, Ms. Coney, on the real, you have do something ‘cause this ain’t cool. This is hella messed up for real."
I agreed.
I was disheartened.
I was sad that he was embarrassed to be in my class and disgusted that he felt that way about classes that he loved.
Something I thought would be a quick fix to the counseling office, turned into a life-long mission…
Mind the Gap
Dead Ends:
Technical Solutions
Counseling office said it was a district issue
Dean of Academics said to take it to the school board.
1-2 month process to get on the board's agenda
One-Way Out:
Adaptive Solutions
Teach him out…
Work so hard to close his gaps and the gaps of other students putting them on the track for mainstream and exiting special education
Teach Him Out:

Use Data to Drive Instruction
Moved 10 students to mainstream
Exited 2 students
Maximize Time
Before school wake up calls
Tutoring attendance increased from 1 to a steady 10 students everyday.
Build Relationships Honing Instructional Practice
Student work “Virtual Cell Projects” mistaken for AP biology class
1st time ever dissections in special education class, worms, frogs, and fetal pig
50% of science department was more willing to accept potential mainstream students
Develop and Cultivate Community Partnerships
Wrote grant securing NSBE Jr. club members flights and hotels to Orlando, FL for a week long conference focused on the digital divide, technology, and robotics
Won a $10,000 grant securing a laptop cart for our campus
Santa Clara County of ED learned of our virtual cell projects and asked me to present a workshop on high expectations for all students
Junior year: Mainstreamed in Algebra and Biology
2 less
Registered for the SAT with accommodations
Took his first flight
Lead a group in the NSBE Jr. group projects and presentations
After going on his first college tour at the NSBE Jr. Conference, decided that college was an option
Use Data to Drive Instruction
Adjust IEP Goals
Diagnostic Assessments

Benchmarks [MOY]:
Progress Monitoring

Summative Assessments [EOY]:
Determine Growth
Maximize Time
Offer before school, after school, & weekend tutoring
Build Relationships Honing Instructional Practice
Collaborate with general education counterparts
Shadow classes
Scaffold units
Shift mindsets of what student with disabilities are able to do
Develop and Cultivate Community Partnerships

Create exposure and provide access
NSBE Jr. annual conference
Santa Clara County of Ed
East Side Union High School Athletics

Me and Isaiah:
Graduation & Forever
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