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The God Stealer

No description

Helena Chuatico

on 2 August 2016

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Transcript of The God Stealer

Main Issue
Community, Setting, and
Socio-cultural context
Basic Conclusions
Here are
some extra assets :
To make the Filipinos aware of our own culture
To show the negative effects colonialism/colonial mentality has amongst the Filipinos
To serve as an eye opener for us readers to remember who we really are
To remind us, Filipinos to preserve and treasure our own culture and not to enslave ourselves to foreigners

F. Sionil Jose
The God Stealer
Philip's act of theft denoted Filipinos giving their roots (traditions, culture) up to the colonizers while replacing their culture with another that came unnaturally to them
Lead to major instability, shame, confusion, and turmoil
Lead to the absence of unity among the Filipinos

Community & Setting
Realist place of tribes in Ifugao
Scenery of the rice terraces
Community surrounded by their nipa huts adorned with their respective idols
Rich, vibrant traditions and culture are present in the story
Basic Findings
Symbolic of the foreigner's exploitation and imperialistic ambitions on
the Filipino.
• Rejection of own roots and replaced by colonial values
• Filipino gave up his most precious symbol of his past traditions to the
Americans as an expression of gratitude?

The colonial culture has been a negative force in the Philippine History and
hence, the true Filipino is the tribal Filipino, or the poor Filipino least
touched by colonial culture.

Basic Conclusions
Filipinos are overpowered by the Americans during the colonization
not much freedom was granted among them
Upperclassmen are dominating the lower-class men
rich - "winners of society"
poor - "losers of society"
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