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Welcome to the Real World!

No description

Dana Cornwell

on 5 April 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to the Real World!

In order to prepare preschoolers going into kindergarten we will work on:
Coin names
Coin values
Careers that can earn money
Fifth Grade
Fourth graders going into fifth grade will be working on:

Careers that would suit your interest
Colleges that focus on your career interests/scholarships
Budgeting/living expenses
Careers that can earn money
Functional writing (job applications, college applications, resume, etc.)
First Grade
Kindergarteners going into first grade will be working on:

Counting money
Why it is important to save money
Careers that can earn money
Second Grade
First graders going into second grade will work on:

Adding and subtracting money
Value of money (coins, dollars)
Practice spending and saving money
Careers that can earn us money
Third Grade
Second graders going into third grade will be working on:

Understanding what utilities are, where they come from, and how much they cost
The importance of conserving water and energy
Paying sample utility bills/ check book practice
Careers that earn us money
Fourth Grade
Third graders going into fourth grade will be working on:

The importance of choosing an appropriate career for your desired lifestyle
What type of home you can afford with your career choice
Budgeting, money management, writing checks
Careers that can earn money
Welcome to the Real World!
Thank you!
Career Fair
At the end of summer school we will hold a career fair where each grade level uses skills to display what they have learned.
Field Trip
Students will visit the dollar store and make a purchase.
Field Trip
A banker will visit to share information about money and they will go to a grocery store to compare items and prices.
Field Trip
Students will tour a farm to view and purchase produce.
Field Trip
Students will visit a wind farm and possibly Hoover Dam.
Field Trip
Students will visit various home types to compare prices, and they will visit model homes.
Field Trip
Students will visit Mohave Community College to learn about different career options available locally.
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