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Unlock the Power of Student Groups

No description

Ann Stefano

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Unlock the Power of Student Groups

Easy way to support flexible grouping
No to low maintenance - Groups are dynamic and change as student data changes
Can best support RTI (Response to Intervention)
Provides the tool to create a "custom roster" for specialty roles or outside the classroom instruction such as after-school tutoring
Enables the ability to generate prebuilt reports on a specific defined set of students quickly
Accommodates Gradebook and Report Card entry for non-traditional classroom teachers
What Happens Now?
When a student group has been created, you will notice a new menu within the student select filters appears.
Unlock the Power of Student Groups
What is a Student Group?
A student group is a collection of students from any of these data sources:

Grade Levels
Custom Reports
Sections, and/or
Add Individual Students

You can also create student groups with a variety of data sources depending on how specific you want the group to be.
How Do I Create a Student Group?
Creating a Student Group
with One Data Source
Create a Student Group from
a Custom Report
Why Use Student Groups?
Use Custom Report Tools to add additional data and better define your student list. Filter accordingly:
the title to indicate it will be tied to a student group (IEUC 9th Grade EL CELDT Early Intermediate Student Group Report)
Add Columns
of data to assist in finding the particular student set.
3. Use
to do the work for you!
4. Go to
Advanced > Create a Student Group
5. Once the Custom Report and Student Group are tied, you can view and share the Student Group in
Students > Student Group
, and edit within the Custom Report.
*Notice within the section "Reports", the title of the Custom Report is shown.
6. When sharing with users, decide on the power of
, or to see all students within or not within their roster.
New Module Alert
Hands-on Activity
Illuminate Buzz Word
Users can only see students within the group based on rostering from your Student Information System. If they have students that meet the criteria set for the group, once shared, they can only see their students. If users need to see the all students within the group regardless of rostering, make sure to share
with visibility
Student Groups can be created in two places:

From Students > Student Group
Creating Student Groups from Students is

when only needing one criteria to create a group, such as "English Learners", "IEUC 9th Graders", or even 5 students in a Lunch Tutoring group from a user's roster.

From within a Custom Report > Advanced
Creating groups from a Custom Report is
when needing various data sources to drill down to a particular set of students, such as "IEUC 9th Grade EL Students", "All Students who Earned Proficient Performance on October Benchmark", etc.

For Your Information
As an advanced tool, students reflected in a custom report can be linked to and create a student group. If the report were altered or changed in any way, the student group created from the report will also change.
Illuminate Material
Illuminate Help Manual
on Custom Reports
Use one of the following to get started:
Students > Search 2.0
Assessment Performance Widget
Magic Report
Create a Student Group with
More than One Data Source
When a more specific set of students is needed, it is best to use one of the tools below to get started. Within Custom Reports, you can continue defining your student group exactly the way you want it.
Illuminate Help Manual
on Student Groups
Illuminate Help Manual
FAQ Student Groups
Media Link
Illuminate Media Links
Creating Student Groups as an Admin
Creating Student Groups as a Teacher
Illuminate Help Manual in Student Groups
Illuminate Buzz Words
Student groups allow users to gain access to students beyond their currently rostered students. Student Groups also allow administrators & teachers to effectively organize, track, and report on groups of students.
Illuminate Buzz Words
Create a Student Group from an Assessment Performance Widget
an assessment with student response data.
2. On the Assessment Overview page, select a portion of the overview, by performance, by standard, or by question group graphs to view a list of students.
3. Once a list has generated, select "
Create Custom Report
4. A custom report will be titled and created with a list of students who meet that criteria you chose.
Illuminate Help Manual Student Groups from Assessment Widgets
Don't forget!
As your report is updated, so is your student group. Add "Student Group or SG in the title as a reminder that it is tied to a particular report.
Create a Student Group from Student Search 2.0
1. Go to Students >
Student Search 2.0
2. Use available widgets to choose a particular group of students.
HINT: Use what is available in this tool to get started. Remember, once it becomes a Custom Report you can add additional data of your choice.
3. Select
4. At the top of the Student Search page, select
Make This a Report.
Illuminate Help Manual Student Groups from Assessment Widgets
Don't forget!
As your report is updated, so is your student group. Add "Student Group or SG in the title as a reminder that it is tied to a particular report.
Illuminate Media Links
Illuminate U! U020 Student Search and Student Profiles
1. Go to Students > Student Group.
2. Select Add and enter a title for the group accordingly.
3. Decide on the power of
for you to have the group be available in the control panel
4. Select
of the options to choose a group of students.
5. Make sure to always submit or save.
6. Share with users and decide if they should have
outside of their roster.
New Module Alert! Custom Reports
By selecting
"Create a Custom Report"

you are entering the world of reporting. In most cases you won't need to use any additional report tools except to
the title, add a
, and the most important tool -
Advanced > Create a Student Group
Visit our Illuminate Help Materials, available on-line,
to get familiar with Custom Reporting.
When a student group is created, the option of visibility in the control panel is available. By selecting YES, the control panel will create a sub menu called "Student Groups". As opposed to seeing all students, the option of a particular student group changes your view or visibility to that student set in three places:

1. Dashboard
2. Student Search Options; and
3. View within a Custom Report
Don't Worry!
You will always have access to all of your students and student groups based on your visibility.
Illuminate Help Manual Custom Reports BASIC
Illuminate Help Manual Custom Reports ADVANCED
Illuminate Media Links
Custom Reporting - Getting Started
Custom Reporting - Starting with the Basics
Custom Reporting - Duplicates When I Add Teacher Name
Presenter: Annie Stefano
No other filters are necessary, unless you want to drill-down even more!
Models for Best Practices
If Grade Levels or Departments Practice Differentiated or Flexible Grouping...
As an Admin
create grade level student groups and share with visibility to users assigned that grade level ("IEU Third Grade" to all users are assigned grade level "3rd Grade"). This enables users to create groups within the Student Group and manage their own groups, as opposed to managing the groups for them.
When users are in this group's view, they will have access to all student data (with the exception of Assessment data).

Coaches, Specialists, and Counselors Can't See Students?
As an Admin,
Some users don't have a roster, but need to have access to students. You can create a new role with access to all students ("Specialist"), or assign them the role of "Teacher" and share a more specific student group to them.
A role such as "Specialist" gives access similar to that of a Principal - visibility of all students at the affiliated site. Assigning the role of "Teachers" and sharing a particular student group, limits their visibility to just those particular students.
By default, your visibility is of all students at your affiliated site or at the district level. If you share with visibility, they will see ALL students. As opposed to a teacher whose visibility by default is just their class.
Good To Know
In all Cases...
As a Teacher
, change your visibility to the grade level group to have access to those students. Then create student groups.
Share your practices.
Let's Talk Scenarios!
Let's Practice
Create a Student Group from...
Student > Student Groups
Student > Student Search 2.0
From an Assessment Widget
Add a Column of additional data and change the filters

Share a Student Group

Set your Control Panel to a Student Group
Dashboard, View in a Custom Report,
and Student Search options

Generate a Prebuilt Report for a Student Group
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