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eContenta: resourcefully yours

e-resources platform project

Irena Ksiezopolska

on 15 March 2018

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Transcript of eContenta: resourcefully yours

Implementation schedule
July 2014
November 2014
December 2014
Reading and beyond...
Overlap analysis with the library catalog / owned and subscribed resources
Administration tools
Interface for the librarian to grant access rights to users / select publications
Resourcefully yours: availability above all
and even lecturers' notes
a platform with the resources of the leading Polish and foreign publishers
Trials start in 2014!
System Architecture
Look up
Next steps
Library - Repository - Bookstore - Workspace
Beyond an online library
eContenta is a space where we may find all kinds of academic resources - including user's own materials
journal articles
reports and proceedings
Academic institutions
scholars and academics
Business Models
search functionality
online reader
reading tools and bookshelf functionality
integration with external systems
beta version activation
API for the Purchase Model
implementation of users suggestions and corrections
Bibliographic databases (Nielsen, Ulrich's)
Library catalogues
Subscription: collections and individual titles
Short term lending
Patron Driven Acquisition
4 models to get access to our resources:
dedicated mobile application (off-line reader)
links to encyclopedia, dictionaries, library resources, websites, etc.

1. Reading tools
Mark and annotate

find easily anything you need within a text and sort results by page number or relevance
2. Organizing your workspace
Share your selection
of publications
Create a quick bibliography


Print or copy

3. Collaboration
Choose publications
for each class, add your comments and select page ranges
Share your notes
and markings
Review and recommend
publications to others
Make your own
custom-made publication by putting together sections of existing resources and adding your own content
Full Counter-compliant usage reports (use of platform tools / use of resources)
Usage stats for publishers allowing measurement of reading trends and users' preferences for individual publications or subject areas
Info on user preferences for research tools
Analytics, statistical reports, comparative analysis
Import tools (MARC or ONIX), integration with the library OPAC
Administration of the institutional repository
Library loans and patron-driven acquisition
Various levels of user rights: administrator / lecturer / reader
special tools for audio and video resources
development of the digitalization system
the publications are carefully selected based on the usage reports from the largest academic libraries in Poland
a space for the scholarly research and academic teaching
sophisticated tools to personalize and manage your workspace, e-learning tools, forum for group discussions of texts
a way to increase discoverability of your resources
publishers' content on the platform + institutional repository = everything you need
purchase resources to have them always at hand
basic format - PDF, other formats also available
subject collections / publishers' collections
annual subscription
single journals available as well as collections
loan of the chosen publications for a specified number of days
single (dedicated) user access
lending service for institutions, allowing pre-selection of publications available within this model
site license / limited user access
single user / multiuser access - depending on the publishers' preferences and customer's choice
Pre-define your institution's or department's budget for purchases, subscriptions or loans
pre-select publications available in this model
grant rights to make purchases to specified users (decision-makers) or to request purchases from the librarian/administrator
choose the automated or personalized administration mode
user interface
automated or personalized administration of the user requests
sales campaign!
marketing campaign
Use tags
4. E-learning
Make it available
to individual users or user groups
students' progress and
with them
Use our collaboration tools to
texts with your students
User menu turning each word in the text into a gateway
Join our project!
contact: Andrzej Księżopolski, Digital Projects Manager, andrzej.ksiezopolski@abe.pl
allowing publishers to set specific restrictions on user rights (printing / downloading / copying)
building in a watermark into any printed out or downloaded content
using Adobe Content Server DRM for downloaded content
providing a visual and not textual representation of the publication to the user, one page at a time
users can only copy text by using eContenta tools within their license
all downloads are controlled and further distribution of the text restricted
any files or print outs can be traced to specific users
your own e-learning course and write your syllabus
eContenta protects its content by:
Work space
Partner's www
Distribution system
Digitalization system
Publishers' resources
Institutional repository
Documents, publications, proceedings, newsletters
Publishers' resources
books, journals, reports
Private Individuals
Target group:
Personalized space for:
May 2014
transactional mode
upload of user's own content
selection and upload of publishers' resources
September 2014
e-learning component
collaborative tools
integration with the bibliometric resources
digitalization component
development of the e-learning tools
Bibliometric systems (JCR)
Discovery /search
interacting with
intelligent built-in suggestions
Publishers' resources
sophisticated filtering tools
sophisticated structure of user's saved resources (bookshelf), allowing convenient organization of data (tree structure)
add your own descriptions to your catalogs or publications saved to your bookshelf
to organize notes, bookmarks and whole publications through keywords
text (within the limits of DRM / copyright restrictions)
your own resources (for personal use or use within his/her institution)
your comments and marked passages to use in your documents
using convenient citation tools providing full bibliographic information (customizable styles)
in one of the academic styles or fully customized bibliographic format
Sharing your annotations with your friends or groups of users can spark up interesting discussions
make available one of your catalogues to your friends - and decide for how long they should have access
use our in-the-text forum tools to respond to the comments of other readers
Recommend the book to other users of your institution, rate a publication or write a review.
or off-line (ACS)
online, using all our tools and reading aids
Search fulltext
create your own notes to text and mark relevant passages
Our Current Partners
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