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Information on Legendary Pokemon

No description

Ethan Dearnley

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Information on Legendary Pokemon

The Trio
Types of Legendary Pokemon
All Pokemon have a type such as fire, grass and water. But there is only one fairy type legendary Pokemon called Xerneas.
Legendary Pokemon Food

Shiny Legendary
Shiny Legendary Pokemon are really rare.
They are rarer than Legendary Pokemon and Shiny
Pokemon. They also give more boost
and most look very cool.
Legendary Gods
Legendary Pokemon can also be Gods and are very rare. Ho-ho and Arceus are Legendary Gods.
Legendary Makers
Legendary Pokemon are like makers, because some created each other. E.g: Arceus created Palkia, Dialga and Giratina.
Legendary Genders
Legendary Pokemon don't have any genders like normal Pokemon. Because they all look like Male or Female.
Some Legendary Trios have 3 or 2 Pokemon.All of them have names like the Beast Trio, Lunar Trio, Lake Trio, Weather Trio, Energy Trio, Bird Trio, Regi Trio, Creation Dragon Trio, Kami Trio and Musketeers Trio.
Odd legendary out
Regions to Find Legendary Pokemon
Every Legendary Pokemon can be found in different independent regions like Sinnoh, Kalos, Hoenn and Unova except Kanto and Johto.
Information on Legendary Pokemon
Pokemon food are for every type of Pokemon. In real life, they are called macaroons but in Pokemon they are called poke puffs in different flavors like banana , chocolate and strawberry
These videos are from the same
Shiny Pokemon creator.
Made by
Ethan Dearnley
And thanks to the contributors on YouTube videos
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