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Abisha's Presentation

No description

Johnson's Class

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Abisha's Presentation

Abisha's Presentation
Topic 1
My name is Abisha. My back ground is Sri Lanka but I live in Canada. My birthday is on December,18th. I like the color tercoise. I have lots of realatives in Canada,Switserland and Sri Lanka. My favirote food is rice,yum! I live in a family of 5
Topic 3
Topic 4
My most song is love you like a love song by Seleana Gomez. My favirote movie is Teen Beach Movie you want hear one of it's songs,okay hears one.
Topic 5
I think Soccer is the best sport ever, don't you agree? My parents are from Sri Lanka where Cricket is the #1 sport. In the tamil commercials they some times put tamil famous Cricket players on so more people buy it. I will type my first sentence in tamil:Nan nekaran sooccer nallathe. I was on TV. My second favirote song is never say never
Topic 6
I make good jokes here is one : Knock knock who's there Boo Boo on. Boo Boo on who on me.
Topic 7
Topic 2
I think school is the best.I love the beach.My BFF is Vanessza O.My teacher is Mr. Johnson he is a g.r2 and gr.3 teacher. My brother's name is Abishan and my sister's name is Akshana.

My favourite sport is soccer.I just love school. I love PE with Mrs. Sexton. The game ant tag is amazing last Summer I went to Sri Lanka. There I watched my play cricket.
Topic 3
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