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My Listing Presentation


Karin Stocknoff

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of My Listing Presentation

The Kasey Group Redefining Service in Real Estate Questions for You 2. Will you price your home to sell? 1. Do you absolutely have to sell your home? 3. What are you looking for in a Realtor? Questions for You:

1. What are you looking for in a Realtor?

2. What is your time line?

3. Are you planning on pricing your home at market value? Our Qualifications: Four Full Time Licensed Realtors

Extensive Training in Negotiations

National Award Winners

Consistently in the Top 10 Producing Teams for Raveis

Consistently in the Top 7 for the MLS Our 2012 Experience The average Real Estate Agent on our MLS has SOLD 2 homes in the calendar year 2012

The Kasey Group has outsold the average agent's volume this year by
28 times

Of the 30254 homes that have been listed on the MLS in 2012, only 53.8% of the homes have sold.

The Kasey Group has sold 96% of all the homes we listed this year. The Numbers People Are Talking... There is only one word that comes to mind when it comes to Karin Stocknoff and the ENTIRE team at The Kasey Group. That word is phenomenal! Michelle Welkes

Let me take this opportunity to thank you once again for your patience, diligence, energy and expertise in bringing this sale to fruition...My only regret is that I own no other properties for you to sell. Anthony Barletta

After a bad experience with another agency, I was amazed at the efficiency and speed that my house was put on the market. Beryl Garbow

I was very impressed with how quickly people were brought into the house and how quickly the house sold. Karin is very friendly, helpful and always ready to help and be there for you. Denise Corker

Karin is incredibly hard working, patient and sensitive to her client's needs. My experiece was wonderful! I could not have hoped for a more diligent, professional and fun agent! Pam Esposito

Karin was very knowledgable and did exactly as she said she would! It was a very relaxing and pleasant experience-the opposite of what I expected! John and Jen Carden 1. Submit your home to the CMLS & CTMLS Services

2. Promote your home at the Company Sales Meeting

3. Prospect 2 hours a day and talk to 140 people a week looking for potential buyers.

4. Market to the top 50 Agents in the area. They have the quaified buyers to purchase your property. Per NAR, 79% of all buyers are represented by a Realtor.

5. Hold open house when possible.

6. Pre-qualify, when possible, all prospective buyers To Get As Many Agents and Qualified Buyers in to your home until it is SOLD The Plan Of Action My Four Objectives To communicate the results of our Activities 1. Deliver to you a copy of your listing and a copy of your advertisements.

2. Contact sellers with showing feedback and market reports

3. Follow up on all the salespeople who have shown your home for their response.

4. Handle follow up and keep you informed , after the contract has been accepted, on all mortgage, title and other closing procedures. 1. Suggest and advise you as to any changes you might want to make in your property to make it even more marketable to the buyer.

2. Constantly update you as to any changes in the market.

3. The Kasey Group will track the number of showings. if there are not showings, the price is 10% too high. If there are a lot of showings but no offers, the price is 5% too high. To Assist You in Negotiating the Highest Dollar Value for Your Property 1. Add additional exposure through a professional sign and lock box.

2. Your uproperty will be advertised intermittently to assure frequent newspaper readers do not recognize your home and start to questions its time on the market. To Look for The Best Possible Methods of Exposing your property to the potential Buyers in the Market Our Services Professional Photography Home Styling Consultation Showingdesk System
Full time Receptionist to Set and Confirm Appointments Automatic Booking System and Feedback Inquiry The Kasey Group +
William Raveis Real Estate=
The Perfect Marriage Don't Believe
that Buyers
Are Searching
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