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Evaluating mLearning/mTraining: Attitudes of teachers toward

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Fatima Zahra

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Evaluating mLearning/mTraining: Attitudes of teachers toward

Evaluating mLearning/mTraining: Attitudes of teachers towards teaching
and training with mobiles

Twelve teachers teaching in 12 local primary and secondary schools in the two divisions of the country and 2 coordinators

Five different cluster meetings, a total of 100 teachers

(36 5th grade students)
Scales of Measurement
Frequency of use
Device and design
Quality of Audio and Video

End users (Teachers and students)
Context (cultural relevance)
Technical difficulties

Mobiles for low resource settings
Formal Learning and Instruction
Informal Learning
Communication and Dissemination
Wagner et al. (2014)
What is English in Action?
An eight year long program (2008-2016) which makes creative use of mobile technology to assist teachers in improving their English skills and classroom teaching strategies (EIA, 2012).
Technology proficiency Self Assessment
Source: School Technology and Readiness Chart
Source: Milken's Family Foundation's Professional Competency Continuum for Core Technology Skills
Access is cheap and easy
EIA makes use of
Teacher's guide

English lessons via mobile SD cards
Formal training and
informal use of mobiles for learning
Fig. Adapted from Wagner et al. (2014)
Frequency of use: Half of the teachers participating in the interviews reported using the mobile SD card 2-3 times in a week for teaching and learning purposes.
Ten of the twelve teachers identified developing teaching skills and teaching students as the main reason for using SD cards.

However, some participants provided specific reasons for using the mobile lessons.
Teachers unanimously reported their ease with using the mobile devices (amplifier, mobiles and projector) and the lesson modules
Quality of audio
Quality of video
End user and context
Evaluation of an object or behavior, and a psychological tendency that is expressed by evaluating entity with some degree of favor or disfavor (Fishnein, Ajzen, 1975; Eagly &Chaiken, 1993)
Low battery life of the amplifiers

Mobile video projectors

Noise pollution

Mismatch between curriculum and mlearning

Missing levels for audio lessons

NETS technology performance profile
Teachers are at the entry level of technology use

The question is: Is it adequate for teachers and learners?
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