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Resume 2012

No description

Marta Quiñones

on 6 May 2016

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Transcript of Resume 2012

...some very powerful
rocks I'm stepping on
most meaningful roles
2011-present Center for Advanced Studies on Puerto Rico and The Caribbean San Juan, PR
Candidate PH.d. Philosophy and Letters Degree in History GPA 4,0
Studies include indigenous Caribbean archeology, Old Spanish paleography, history of the Caribbean, history of Puerto Rico, USA-Caribbean relations, European and American historiography, theory and methodology of historical research, and Hispanic-America from Independence to the present .

1994-2000 Columbia College Chicago, IL
MA Urban Teaching GPA 4.0
Coursework included curriculum development for L.E.P. exceptional and mainstream students on core subjects, Methods for teaching math, methods for teaching science, methods for teaching language art, methods for teaching reading, methods for teaching art, psychology of education, theory and methodology of assessment through the Illinois Resource Center, theory and history of education. Presented an action research thesis on dual language home-schooling.

1997-2000 Columbia College Chicago, IL
Multicultural Education Graduate Program GPA 4.0
Coursework included history of education, international and diverse student teaching, educational perspectives consciousness and a summer fellowship on multilingualism in India.

1985-2008 National Louis University, Ray Vogue School of Design, The Illinois Resource Center, Columbia College, Triton College, Old Town School of Folk Music. Chicago, IL
Student At Large

Completed thirty nine credits in English, art, dance, music, health, anatomy, history and general studies in addition to multiple workshops. Completed two years of guitar and traditional Mexican music and singing instruction at the Old Town School.

1982-1985 University of Illinois Chicago, IL
BA in Communications Design
Coursework included ESL,, Latin American archeology, color theory, film, 2D & 3D design, materials and methods for design, communications design, computer graphics, models and exhibit design, independent studies in art, Italian, ancient literature and mythology, social sciences and humanities.

1978-1981 Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, IL
Completed 3 years in the Visual Design Program
Coursework included ESL, theory and history of art, life and mechanical drawing, 2D and 3D design, photography, theory and history of photography, color theory, visual language, product design, core courses in math and science, social sciences and humanities.
2001 Casa Aztlán Medal and Ceremony of Recognition for A Decade of Commitment and Community
1999 John Whittier Elementary Local School Council Teacher Representation & Academic Support
1998 Chicago Public Schools Region 4 Bilingual Committees Recognition for Leadership
1998 Columbia College Honors List
1997 Columbia College Honors List
1997 National Security Education Fellowship to India
1997 Certificate of Appreciation by the CPS Office of Language and Cultural Education and Mr. Manuel
1996 Columbia College Honors List
1996 John Whittier Elementary Excellence in Teaching Certificate
1995 Columbia College Honors List
1993 Daley College Excellence in Adult Teaching Certificate
1991 UNIRR Congratulatory Dinner in Honor of Founding Members
1989 Midwest Coalition dinner in recognition of Board Members - Treasurer
1986 Central American Education Foundation Volunteer Award
1984 University of Illinois at Chicago CLASS Volunteer Tutoring Certificate
1983 University of Illinois at Chicago Rafael Cintron Ortiz Cultural Center Certificate of Merit for
Outstanding Latinas
1980 Illinois Institute of Technology Latinos Involved in Further Education Heritage Award
1979 Illinois Institute of Technology Latinos Involved in Further Education Cultural Week Recognition
1978 San Jose High School Medal and Gratitude Mass for Student Council Services -President
1978 San Jose High School Graduating Class Medal for Highest Achievement in Mathematics for 4 years,
Honors and Perfect Attendance.
1978 San Jose High School Leadership Award - Class President for 4 years
1977 Puerto Rico's DOE Congratulatory Letter for a perfect 800 score in the College Board Mathematics
examination and 798 in the Spanish examination.
2007 to 2013 Northeastern Illinois University
Instructor Latino and Latin American Studies Department Chicago, IL
Taught Latin American Studies and Latinos in the USA courses. Supported the Latin American Studies and El Centro Programs in academic, cultural, and outreach efforts. Advised and referred students on academic and career plans.

2001-2012 Chicago Teachers Center at NEIU Chicago, IL
Curriculum, Arts and Language Specialist and Coordinator

Coordinated and supported artists and staff with planning, monitoring, assessment and documentation of pre-k to college cross curriculum units; provided leadership and coordinated the Hawthorne Center LEAP family program for 4 years; collaborated in teacher, administrators and community outreach efforts; created and facilitated workshops; coordinated events; functioned as writer,translator, interpreter, proofreader, and research specialist; participated and facilitated workshops in CTC conferences. Worked mainly in the planning, coordination, facilitation and documentation of the hACE, ACT4L, LEAP, ERF, 21st Century, Gear Up and Arthur grants.

2007-2011 Perfect Gift & Flowers Chicago, IL
Business Owner
Managed and oversaw every aspect of a small family retail business.

1994-2000 J.G. Whittier Elementary School Chicago, IL
Bilingual Program Coordinator/Promoted in 1995 to Lead Teacher
Coordinated and assessed the school’s dual language program servicing 100% of the student population to become the second dual language school in the CPS system within two years. Duties included the coordination and teacher training for La Prueba exam and initial assessment of students from bilingual homes.

Local School Council Teacher Representative 1998 and 1999
Lead community efforts and outreach on academic, cultural, health and other LSC resolutions including support for the Whittier Organic Garden one of the first in the state and 1st place winner at the state level. Served as liaison between the parents, the community, the administration and the CPS Department of Language and Culture.

Parent Program Coordinator
Planned, recruited, implemented, coordinated and assessed the school’s Family/Community Development Program, including coordination of school assemblies, visual displays and several cultural projects. Created a program that turned parents and teachers into leaders having had the privilege of participating and presenting as a team in several education conferences including NABE 's Houston and Denver.

K to 6th grades Bilingual Teacher
Taught social studies, geography, history and Spanish to all pulled-out K-6th LEP students. Introduced and promoted the development of authentic assessment and best practices for Spanish speaking and bilingual students. Created, coordinated and facilitated a folk music group and a dancing ensemble.

1991-1993 LoKito Press Chicago, IL
Partner and Graphic Designer

Partnered in the daily administration, sales, and marketing of offset printing products. In charge of design, layout, paste up and client consultation.

1990-1996 Daley College Chicago, IL
Adult Education Instructor
Courses taught included Literacy, Citizenship, GED and ESL. Advised and referred students on academic and career plans. Supervised projects including community musical and dance instruction, Day of the Dead and holiday exhibits and presented artwork in several gallery shows at neighborhood CBO’s. Assisted in the making of murals and created brochures, posters and other design products for the Casa Aztlan and St. Adalbert Church off campus sites.

1990-1994 Freelance Designer Chicago, IL and Cambridge, MA
Designed a number of products such as invitations, business forms, business identity, business cards, displays and window designs for individual and small business clients including menus and a corporate identity package for the La Paz Restaurants in PR and Miami. In addition, I provided services and design products for a number of CBO’s, Latino engineers at the IIT Institute Of Gas Technology, multiple performing arts presentations including a poster design for Inti-Illimani at MIT, visual support for the Central American Educational Fund CAEF in Cambridge and several 2D design products for the Harvard Network for Human Rights.

1989-1992 Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz and Irma Ruiz Elementary Schools Bilingual Teacher Chicago, IL
Transitional bilingual teacher for 4th, 7th and 8th grades. Founder, coordinator and volunteer of the Folkloric Dance Ensemble at Ruiz directed by Maestro Polo.

1986 Typetech Cambridge, MA
Visual Designer
Design, layout, paste up and client consultation.

Experience as storyteller, dance teacher, cashier, music teacher assistant, and art teacher assistant in Puerto Rico, New York, Miami, Cambridge and Chicago.

Giving back
what have
I written?
gratefully honored
some very cool stepping stones
Past and present affiliations include

Albany Park Festival volunteer '10 to present

Casa Aztlán volunteer ‘86 to present
OPRF Parent volunteer '10 to "12

Los Pichardo Music Project volunteer '05 to '11
Quetzalyolotl Mexica Conchero Group dancer ’94 to '08

Brooks MS Bravo parent volunteer ’08

The Oak Park Food Pantry volunteer '04 to '07

Friend of Batey Urbano '07
Mete Mano film productions volunteer
'06 to '07
Sones de Mexico Ensemble volunteer ’94 to '07
Hatch Elementary parent volunteer ’01 to ’04

Girls Scouts Troop 4575 volunteer ’01 to ’04
El Yunque Ancient Philosophies Circle member '99 to '06

Casa Aztlán Board of Directors president ‘96 to ‘00
UNIRR member '95 to '03

CTU member '94 to '99
Rafael Cintron Cultural Center volunteer
'81 to '85
MCDI treasurer and member
ILGW summer volunteer
Sin Fronteras and La Voz newspapers artist/writer collaborator
AFSCME member

CLASS at UIC tutor
CASA at Cambridge member

CAEF member
LIFE at IIT member
Ciba y Eketi, A first novel for young adults to be published in 2017.
Illinois Arts Council Senior Apprentice: Writing team member /consultant. For the development of Latin American folkloric music projects and residencies in the Chicago area. Sones de Mexico Ensemble, Pichardo Music and Los Pichardo Project. Several awards from 1998 to 2010.

LEAP: Writing team member. For a Community Learning Centers arts integration program. Northeastern Illinois University-CTC and the Chicago Public Schools. 2005

ACT4L: Writing team member. For the development of a language and literacy program focused on the professional development of teachers of English language learners. Northeastern Illinois University-CTC and the Chicago Public School. 2004

United Way of Illinois: Writing team member. For the promotion of education and family services. Casa Aztlan. Proposal writing team member earning grants for several years from 1995 to 2001.

Annenberg Foundation: Writing team member. To transform a k-6 transitional bilingual program to a dual language program. University of Illinois Chicago and John G. Whittier School. 1997

Crossroads Fund: Writing team member. For the promotion of education and family services, staffing and facilities maintenance. Casa Aztlan. Proposal writing team member earning grants for several years during the 1980’s and 1990’s.
team work = grants
Fully bilingual English and Spanish, Intermediate Italian, Read Basic Portuguese, read Old Spanish
Extensive knowledge of Latin American cultures specialized in Caribbean and Mexican folklore and traditions and various ancient indigenous cultures of South America
Aztec and Caribbean rhythms dancer, storyteller and crafter
Proficient in Mac & Windows, Office, In-Design, Photoshop, Prezi, Blackboard, i-Life, Power Point, familiar with most social media, and several website building programs

Educator Historian Artist
Study on Convergence Among the Taino Pantheon, the Toltec Pantheon and the Aztec-Chichimeca Pantheon / Estudio de Convergencias Entre el Panteón taíno, el Panteón Tolteca y el Panteón Azteca-Chichimeca. The Center for Advanced Studies on Puerto Rico and the Caribbean (CEA). San Juan, Puerto Rico: CEA, June 2012.
Essay on “The Symbols on Taino Art of Manuel A. Garcia Arevalo, Monographic Serie No. 25, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic." / Ensayo sobre “Los Signos en el Arte Taíno de Manuel A. García Arévalo, Serie Monográfica No. 25., Santo Domingo, República Dominicana." San Juan, PR: CEA, June 2012.
Essay on “Ten thousand years of going and coming through Colombia and Venezuela" by Manuel Galich / Ensayo Sobre “Diez mil años de un ir y venir por Colombia y Venezuela" de Manuel Galich. Ed. 2004. San Juan, PR: CEA, June 2012.
Essay on "The Golden Age and The Barons" / Ensayo sobre "La Era Dorada y Los Barones". San Juan, PR: CEA, June 2012.
The Popols Wujs: Sacred Texts and Historical Documents. Historiographic essay/ Ensayo Historiográfico Sobre Los Popol Wujs: Textos Sagrados y Documentos Históricos. San Juan, PR: CEA, December 2011.
Critical Review of Francois-Marie Arouet, Voltaire: Historian. / Reseña Crítica Sobre Francois-Marie Arouet, Voltaire: Historiador. San Juan, PR: CEA, September 2011.
The Mexican Situado: Subvention for the Fortification of the Spanish Caribbean and Resistance of the New Spain. / El Situado Mexicano: Subvención Para la Fortificación del Caribe Español y Resistencia de la Nueva España. San Juan, PR: CEA, June 2011.
Historical Review of "Creole religions of the Caribbean: an introduction from Vodou and Santeria to Obeah and Espiritismo" by Margarite Fernandez Olmos and Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert. / Reseña Histórica de la obra "Religiones criollas del Caribe: una introducción desde Vudú y Santería hasta Obeah y Espiritismo" por Maragarite Fernández Olmos y Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert. San Juan, PR: CEA, June 2011.
Critical Review of "Dangerous Memories" by Renny Golden et al. / Reseña Crítica de la obra "Memorias peligrosas" por Renny Golden et al. San Juan, PR: CEA, October 2011.
Plan for a Bilingual Homeschool Program Based on Cultural and Artistic Skills Development:An Action Research Portfolio. "ERIC." Illinois: August 1999.
Manual of Strategies to Help Your Children With Homework. / Manual de Estrategias Para Ayudar a los Niños con sus Tareas. "John G. Whittier School Bilingual Newsletter." Chicago: 1996.
Why ISN’T Transitional Bilingual Education Working? / ¿Por Qué NO Funciona la Educación Bilingüe Transicional? "La Voz del Trabajador Inmigrante" UNIRR. Chicago: 1995.
500 Years of Resistance. / 500 Años de Resistencia. (Colaboration Excerpt) "La Voz del Trabajador Inmigrante ." UNIRR. Chicago: October 1992.
Are Migrant Farm Working Children Learning in Our Urban Schools? / Están Aprendiendo los Niños Migrantes Campesinos en Nuestras Escuelas Urbanas? "La Voz del Trabajador Inmigrante." UNIRR. Chicago: 1992.
Parent Participation: Foundation of the School Council / La Participación de los Padres: Fundamento del Concilio Escolar. "Sin Fronteras Newspaper." MCDI. Chicago: 1989.
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