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Molko, Y'know? #MolkoFourOh

No description

Placebo FWW

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of Molko, Y'know? #MolkoFourOh

Dear Brian... Molko, Y'know? #MolkoFourOh Surprise....!? When most people prepare a birthday present their aim is rarely for the recipient to find out about it before being formally presented with said gift.

However, we’re sure you’ll agree that Placebo fans are not ‘most people’ and therefore we were extremely happy that we succeeded in making our efforts so immense that word of our worldwide actions unavoidably traveled back to you. The Big Four-Oh! As December 10th approached we mulled over just what to give the infamous Brian Molko. Our well wishes and appreciation for every one of your years, every song and every smile, of course – but how to send you this message?

Fan video? Been done, think bigger! Website? Think BIGGER. Book of global fan art? THINK BIGGER! Hire a sky writer and plaster Happy Birthday across the sky?

Finally we were onto something, with the creativity of Placebo fans the idea of having the message plastered around the globe was too good to ignore...y’know? Molko, Y’know? #MolkoFourOh Other than the fact that it conveniently rhymed, we chose the phrase, “Y’know?” because it is an endearing verbal trait instantly recognizable to most Brian Molko and Placebo fans. Posting this message around the world would act as a secret code drawing the attention of Placebo fans and the curiosity of others who ...do not know. Fans taking it
to the streets For a month fans all over the world have been using their creativity and enthusiasm to embed Molko, Y’know? into their daily routine. They've used their artistic skills to create resources, covered cities with the message “Molko, Y’know? #MolkoFourOh" in every way imaginable and helped spread the message even further by posting photos of their efforts on social media. Supporters were spurred on by the energy of others, the excitement of seeing unique and crazy ideas, with new fans catching the #MolkoFourOh bug daily! So, dearest Brian,
what we're trying to say is... Happy Birthday! Taking this message we added the hashtag #MolkoFourOh;
a subtle allusion to a wonderful 40 years in a tag that could be left physically around the globe,but also found, shared and talked about online. Though it is a milestone worthy of celebrating there’s no need to focus on age; after all if anyone has shown us, outside and inside, that age is just a number it is you! Instead our aim was to use the occasion to show our appreciation for you, particularly for the time you've let us share throughout your life. Now, how to get the message from one to the world wide community?

Placebo fans are ravenous, they’re known for tracking down every new piece of information -
as a result they’re near impossible to keep secrets from. However, knowing this the staff at Placebo Fans WorldWide (PFWW) worked quietly from the inside to plant a set of clues hidden throughout the internet. Eventually fans started asking,
'What is this “Molko, Y’know? #MolkoFourOh”
and who is behind it?' Going Viral:
Starting a Movement To be truly worldwide, a ‘United Nations’ of Placebo Forums joined together to help guide and generate interest in this new phenomenon. The official PLACEBO Forum -
Placebo Fans WolrdWide (PFWW): http://forum.Placeboworld.co.uk

Placebo Russia:

Bionic-Club (Spain):

Placebo Poland:

Placebo Fans Latinoamérica: http://www.facebook.com/PLACEBOLAFANS

These were soon joined by many more... On November 7th the clues crescendoed to a huge buzz on twitter and tumblr. This resulted in a treasure hunt for information culminating in the reveal of Molko, Y’know? - a site with instructions, resources and examples.

In less than two hours hundreds of curious Placebo fans were captivated and soon started asking others... Molko, Y’know? http://molko-fouroh-yknow.tumblr.com To see how this treasure hunt unfolded take a look at our Storify: http://storify.com/PlaceboFWW/molko-y-know-molkofouroh-beginnings Minsk - Molko, Y'know? On behalf of Placebo fans, worldwide. A number alone doesn't define age,

but here are some numbers
we’re quite proud of... XFM:
"Turning 40 is No Big Deal" High
Love Bomb! Open.UA 3 International Press Articles http://www.xfm.co.uk/news/brian-molko-turning-40-is-no-big-deal We liaised with @XFM and @danocdj via twitter and the following short article resulted after the 28.12.12 radio interview http://highrotation.ch/2012/12/03/love-bomb-molkoyknow-molkofouroh/ After witnessing the large scale of our movement highrotation.ch were compelled to write an article about Molko, Y'know? Ukrainian music website Open.UA covered our fan efforts and encouraged others to join. http://open.ua/music/digest/Daydzhest-rozhdestvenskaya-pesnya-The-Killers-fanatskiy-koncertnik-Radiohead-Florens-Uelsh-spela-s-The-Rolling-Stones-i-drugoe/ 1 Exposure on International Radio 7 Continents Covered! 5 Forms of Social Media 56 Countries 1,000+
Locations Covered Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Mexico,
The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America, Ukraine, Venezuela. Visit our map to see firsthand how far the message has spread! The more you ZOOM in the more layers & markers uncovered.

Click on the markers, or the links in the left hand column, to see photos of work done in that region. Each page shows a set of different markers, be sure to click through all SIX! Over 2,000 Photographs A gallery has been created with over 2,000 photos of fan actions from around the globe. We suggest kicking back and watching it via the slideshow feature to let the enormousness of the project, love, creativity and effort for you speak for itself. http://bit.ly/MolkoYknowGallery https://twitter.com/MolkoYknow http://bit.ly/MolkoFourOhMap Placebo Fans Latin America Press Play to start video
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