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Copy of Michael Urena Summer Reading Project

Step into the Story

Michael Urena

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Michael Urena Summer Reading Project

Author: Title: Genre: Setting Main Character The main goal for Art is finding his mother who is gone for unknown reasons. while trying to find her Art and his team needs to keep the universe safe from Mr. Webster the spider. Problem/Goal Solution/Conclusion Opinion Step into the Story Larklight Phlip Reeve Sci- Fi This book takes place in the future on Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, the Earth, Moon and Larklight, the space house of the main character, Art. Art: He is a smart, adventurous and a very studious kid, he also loves to read and write. He is 12 years old and lives in space. He has brown hair and brown eyes. C.J Adams would be my actor for Larklight if there was a movie.He looks exactly what Art would look like with brown hair. He is nice, considerable and the same age as Art. As far as acting goes C.J Adams starred in Timothy Green and Dan in Real Life. Using Thunderhead's information, that the spiders hide on Saturn he infultrates the spider's base, and Art finds his mom. After escaping, his mom turns Larklight into a ship and beats Mr. Webster. I loved Larklight. If you like out of this world adventures this book will be perfect for you. I also liked this book because, of the tint of mystery that spices the story up.
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