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Mongolia and Taiwan

Cultural Geography

Lyla Ebadtabrizi

on 11 August 2017

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Transcript of Mongolia and Taiwan

Mongolia & Taiwan
Nomads and Traders
How much do you really know?
Culture of Nomads
History of Nomads
Economy of Mongolia
history of Mongolia
has been closely connected to
history of China

nomadic herders
for thousands of years

13th century: Mongol Empire stretched from Korea across Central Asia to Moscow to the Persian Gulf (
founder of the Mongol empire: Genghis Khan
History of Nomads
17th century:
China controlled and ruled Mongolia
for hundreds of years

1911: Mongolia achieved independence

Soviet Union

influenced Mongolia’s government and economy
History of Nomads
China is a cultural hearth and influences Mongolian culture

Buddhism is practiced in Mongolia

This statue of Buddha is over 86 feet high!!!
Culture of Mongolia
Culture of Mongolia = Culture of the Horse

Mongolians traditionally herded livestock in the steppes by having a nomadic way of life
Mongolians who live a nomadic way of life live in tents called yurts.
Culture of Mongolia
Inside view of a yurt
Outside view of a yurt
What does a yurt look like?
Mongolia live in extreme climates of long, very cold winters (6 months) and short hot summers (2 months)
How does the climate affect the culture of these Mongolians?
Using the picture below, which country has influenced Mongolia’s culture?
Mongolia has been influenced by the Soviet Union/Russia

Mongolian writing has been influenced by the Russian alphabet (Cyrillic writing)

1924-1989: Mongolia was ruled by the Communist Party

Mongolia began to industrialize its economy when it was influenced by the Soviet Union

Creation of state-owned and operated factories
Culture of Mongolia
After the fall of the Soviet Union, Mongolia is
from communism to a more capitalist economy

Transform from

Transformation from agricultural to manufacturing was easy because of the creation of state-owned and operated factories (established infrastructure)
Economy of Mongolia
Mongolia has large deposits of coal and petroleum, gold, copper and iron.
The Future of the Economy of Mongolia
Population of Mongolia
1/2 of the Population lives in the cities

Out of a population of 3 million people, one million people in Mongolia are 14 years old or younger

What can you infer about a country having 1/3 of its population being under 15 years old?
Population of Mongolia
What are the potential problems that the capital of Mongolia will face?
A Picture is Worth a 1000 words...
Where is this city located?
Ulan Bator is similar to any other major city in the world
Why would people move from rural areas to urban areas?
History of Taiwan
Taiwan = Formosa

The Chinese are not the indigenous people of Taiwan, the Chinese migrated to Taiwan

1683: China conquered Taiwan

1895: Japan seized Taiwan from China

1945: Chiang Kai-Shek and the Nationalists took control and moved to Taiwan when the Communists took control of China
Taiwan’s Link with China
Culture of Taiwan
Population: Nearly all Chinese

Religions: Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism

Well-educated population: over 30 different newspapers and many universities
Culture of Taiwan
Taiwan is not recognized as an independent country (except for a few countries)

Taiwan is

Not a member of the UN

China insists that a country can only have formal diplomatic relations with China or Taiwan not both

June 2010: Taiwan and China sign a landmark free trade agreement
Where Taiwan Stands in the World
Culture of Taiwan = Culture of China
Culture of Taiwan
Influenced by the West
Culture of Taiwan
Economy of Taiwan
Trade is key to its economy

Successful economy but lacks natural resources

Highly trained and educated workforce

Strong Manufacturing Industry + Service Industry

Economic Success

Trades with nations all over the world
Economy of Taiwan
Economic Tiger
- nation with rapid economic growth due to cheap labor, high technology and aggressive exports

Member of the Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim
- countries surrounding the Pacific Ocean

Main Exports:
Electronics, Information and Communication Products, and Textiles
Economy of Taiwan
What problems do the people in Mongolia face?
Would you eat the same type of foods as the Mongolians eat?
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