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Prezi for Prezis

A quick introduction to what a Prezi is and how they can best be used.

Annie DeVane

on 2 October 2011

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Transcript of Prezi for Prezis

Prezi Image from Wikimedia
(credits: KMJ, alpha masking by Edokter) If your topic is already exciting, then your Prezi will pretty much be a Michael Bay movie. Kitten Fight 3: The Kittening <meta> A Flash-based presentation tool created by Adam Somlai-Fischer and Peter Halacsy in 2008 a Michael Bay presentation What's the Big Idea? A Quick Guide to Prezi using Prezi* So, what is this thing? Prezi is a way to make presentations on boring topics exciting A non-linear approach to presentations: canvas based instead of using individual slides A chance to present your ideas as a narrative, rather than just lists of facts No matter how dynamic the interface, the content needs to be well organized and planned Don't give people motion sickness, not everything has to move and zoom. Bad Presentation = Bad Prezi Use effects to highlight points, not distract from the content. Some Warnings & Advice Some Amazing Benefits It might seem like a cheap trick, but movement and the appearance of dynamicism focuses people's attention more than static slides Once you master the format, you can use the presentation tools to highlight your on-screen points (zooming in on a detail of a larger picture) You can collaborate with multiple editors and share your presentations online with anybody. Tip ...of what is possible in the world of Prezi Today's presention is just a small sample Iceberg 3 new product launches
Entered European markets
Upgraded servers A New Start Growing Pains 1 product recall
Warehouse filled with rats
System security breach
The Twitter incident Gaining Ground Implemented security training
Rat problem resolved
New communication guidelines
New funding O Comparative Sales Report totally * Example of highlighting points in context Example of illustrating a concept Water Molecule: H2O H It can be a steep learning curve and it will be frustrating, but it's worth the time and energy 2 x -31% +16% +22% FY'08 From 'ZuiPrezi' - 'Zui' as in zooming user interface, to 'Prezi' as in the Hungarian diminutive of presentation (the company is based in Hungary)
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