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careers project - biomedical engineer

No description

Allison S

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of careers project - biomedical engineer

Work environment
and schedule Career description Careers Project How does this
career affect society? Cluster, Pathway,
& Related Careers Salary & Employment
outlook Engineer Biomedical People in this career work with medicine and science. They design technology to help assist people with disabilities. For example, creating prosthetic limbs. Another thing they do is evaluating
safety and effectiveness of biomedical
equipment, like x-rays and
ultrasound machines. These engineers also analyze and
examine new or recent medical
procedures to predict the outcomes
when used. Keeping documentation of all service history on biomedical equipment is another thing that they do. For working conditions, you may be exposed to pollutants, gases, dust, fumes, etc. They have regular working hours with limited travel They also affect society by contributing to biomedical research. More research means more information on how to cure diseases. Biomedical engineering affects society by improving peoples' health. They help make prosthetic limbs for people who need them, so that affects how many people function in life. We need this career because they are creating things to improve other peoples lives, as well as solve problems. Career Cluster Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Pathways Science and
mathematics Engineering and technology Related Careers Biomed Equip. Technician Research Engineer The salary is about $72,772 a year. For the employment outlook, this career is increasing. High School: 2
Part-time jobs/
activities Education/Training/
Required tests You will need a bachelor's

It will take 4 years to earn.

You must also pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. Math The mathematics in engineering
is highly complex.

They also use computers to run
models and test design theories.

Math is also used when creating systems and functions for machines. Communication Here are some ways communication is used in this career:

By listening to professionals in medicine about creating technology

Also, by listening to others for what they should help create for people. Decision Making People in this career work often in research and design teams.

Because of this, they must make decisions that'll impact the whole group.

They also work with others when deciding what to do. Advantages & Disadvantages Advantages You get to help people and assist them with their needs Study and work with multiple areas of science Disadvantages Mistakes are costly One of the most difficult majors for engineering Characteristics of a person in this career Holland Hexagon Interest areas for this career: My interest areas: Investigative Artistic Investigative Realistic Work values Independence Work values for this career: Achievement Independence My work values: Working conditions Because there is only one match for each that means my working values and interest areas are an okay match, but not an exact one. They also work indoors and sometimes in groups. Is this career a good fit for me? Yes, it is. Most of my work values and interest areas match, as well as this career showed up on many of my survey results. Also because I like science, which this career uses often. Personal reflection Challenges towards reaching this career include heavy mathematics, and many years of school. I can reach these goals by taking many math courses in the future and attending college to get a good degree. Research Sources I Have A Plan Iowa website

https://secure.ihaveaplaniowa.gov/Home/_default.aspx University of Iowa's Department of Biomedical Engineering website

http://www.engineering.uiowa.edu/bme Handle 10 to 20 lbs

Includes lots of walking or standing.

Must be able to tell differences in color, brightness, and shades

Have to be able to see up close Here are some physical demands and activities
Two goals:

Complete AP calculus by senior year

Take as many challenging math and science courses as possible For extra curricular activities, you should participate in science fairs or math competitions. Summer camps or internships could also be helpful.
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