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Aman Singh

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of HOW TO PLAY SIMS 3

The Sims is EA's (Electronic Arts) biggest PC game franchise and is worth millions. The Sims 3 series however is the most well-known along with Sims 2. Along with this game there are many "Expansion Packs" to expand the game and the interactions. Sims 3 is a game that focuses on simulating real life and recreating it in the best way possible!
By: Aman and Rabiah
There is not just one objective of the game. The goal is generally defined by you and how you choose to play.

1. You have to choose a world to play in and then create or choose a household to play
(create a sim)
(choose a household)
2. Then, you can build/buy a house
Sims 3 house
3. After that, its all in your own hands! If we want to make friends, go windsurfing, buy a resort, enroll in university, or find a career, its all up to you!
living the life
Basic Controls
There are three different modes in Sims 3. The modes are live mode, buy mode and build mode.
live mode
buy mode
build mode
Live Mode
Live mode is where your little people called Sims can live there lives! The main concept of live mode is "interaction". Your Sims can interact with objects,places, or other Sims/pets. To use objects you need to click on them and then click on an option on what you want to do. For instance, you can click on the refrigerator and the options "have breakfast" or "serve breakfast" will come up in the morning. If you further on click, you will get options to cook certain meals according to your Sims "cooking skill level". Then, you will see your Sim cooking. You can also go to Map view and go to places, such as the mall, the movies, or a recreational park. Then you will see your Sim going in their car to the place, and if they don't have a car, you will see them going in a taxi. You can also click other Sims to socially interact with them. There are then the options, "Friendly", "Funny","Mean", "Romantic" and also special interactions according to your Sim's personality. For instance if your Sim is a "Bookworm" they can "Enthuse about books". Your Sim can also interact with pets if you have the "PETS" expansion pack. You can similarily do "Friendly" and "Mean" interactions like petting or scolding.
object interaction
map view
Sim to Sim interactions
Sim to pet interactions
Buy Mode
Buy mode is where you can furnish your Sim's home however you like! You can sort all of the furniture by room, and by function. When you click "by room", you will see different panels, each containing furniture in different rooms. For instance, in the living room panel you will see a television, stereo, coffee table, couches, and a carpet. If you click any of these items, more of those specific items will show up. Sort by function will show panels with things and their use. For instance, if you click "lighting" different types of lights will pop up like ceiling lights to desk lamps. However, everything costs money or "Simoleons". You need to be able to afford the furniture by having a job or by pursuing a hobby that makes money, like painting.
sort by room (nursery)
sort by function
Build Mode
Build mode is where you can build your Sim's house or any building for that matter. In build mode, you can create walls, a foundation, floors, fences, fountains, and pools!There are also some specific tools on the side to help with the building process. There is the "hand tool" that allows you to move or delete objects, and there is the "eye dropper tool" which will allow you to duplicate any piece of furniture, or wallpaper/floor. There is also the "create a style" that allows you to recolor most of the items by using a color wheel and different available textures. Lastly, the "sledgehammer tool" is to delete walls, foundations, floors, fences,fountains, and pools!
(hand tool, create a style,
eye dropper tool, and the
sledgehammer tool)

Simoleons: The currency in Sims 3

Sim: the little person

Create a Sim: the process of making a little person

Edit Town: where you click to change the way the town looks
(for the most part, all the words are self-explanatory)

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