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A 3-Step Guide to Giving Memorable and Effective Presentations

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Gabriele Roncoroni

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of A 3-Step Guide to Giving Memorable and Effective Presentations

What’s the best indicator that your presentation went well?
"nice job!"
Not the volume of the applause or the number of compliments you get…
...but the number of people in your audience who actually remember what you had to say.
To pick a visual metaphor, think about keywords associated with your main points
what images are associated with those keywords?
When associated with spatial relationships, ideas are much more memorable
So show your audience
how your ideas relate to one another
and take them on...

Put Your Ideas In Context
Make a list of all of the objects in your kitchen...
Or did you “walk through” your kitchen
in your mind and name each object as you
“saw” it?
Ditch the bullet points
Did you think about them in the form of a bulleted list?
like progress you’ve made
toward an annual sales goal
Use Visual Metaphors
Visual metaphors help your audience understand and remember abstract ideas
or the hidden scope of a big project
Bullet points are:
and forgettable
Images speak
louder than words
Your audience will pay more attention
when they don’t know exactly
what you’re going to say next.
And don’t read off your presentation!
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