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sole webb

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of pitbulls

Pit bulls
Why I Chose This Topic
I chose this topic because i wanted to learn more about the different types of pit bulls.
Also i choose this topic because i wanted to see how people train their dogs.
Lastly i choose this topic because i have always wanted a pit bull.
Make sure the dog exercises.
How To Train Pit Bulls
Make sure you use spanish names.
Use collars and tags to control the dog.
Make sure your dog is house trained.
If you don't want your dog to bite have a lot of chew toys.
Did You Know?
Pit bulls don't lock jaws.
In the early 20th century pit bulls were the number one family pets.
They used to be considered as nanny's.
Their not naturally aggressive.They act aggressive under stress.
All About Pit Bulls
Difference Between Pit Bulls And Bulldogs
Pit bulls usually weigh 40-60 pounds and bulldogs weigh 60 pounds.
Pit bulls common name was squashed nose lab dog.
A bulldog is usually taller and leaner than a pit bull.
A bulldog is a breed and pit bulls are a type of dog .
Bulldogs are a average of 21-27 inches tall and pit bulls are 22 inches.

Pit bulls make good therapy dogs .
Pit bulls were the only dogs to be on the cover of life magazine three times.
Pit bulls used to be well respected in the 1990s.
They make loyal companions.
Their gentle and affectionate dogs.
Pit bulls don't have locking jaws.
30 facts cont.
learn your dogs body language.
Pit bulls get along with other animals.
Their not naturally aggressive.
They have great physical and mental characteristics.
They live 9-15 years depending on health.
Their responsive to training and eager to please.
Pit bulls come from Ireland
Pit bulls are very adaptable and will do well in urban living.
30 facts cont.
Pit bulls are strong , energetic ,and powerful.
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