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DEGISCO introduction

Desktop Grids for International Scientific Collaboration

Robert Lovas

on 4 August 2010

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Transcript of DEGISCO introduction

How to scale-up the infrastructure and transfer the knowledge
to non-EU partner countries? 'Lightweight' Desktop Grids 'Traditional'Service Grids We needed a BRIDGE... More and more grand challange problems... Global warming
Fusion reactors
Drug discovery
Risk analysis City (AlmereGrid)
Campus (UoW)
WorldWide (SZDG) EGI (European)
Open Science Grid (USA)
ChinaGrid EDGeS project created:
Development methods

Help create new Desktop Grids and attact volunteers

Connect them to world-wide infrastructure

Support the infrastructure, application developers, end users, and scientists

Operate the International Desktop Grid Federation

Solution 1 Solution 2 DEGISCO project can ...
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