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The Australian Gold Rush: 10 Facts

No description

Asees N

on 30 November 2014

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Transcript of The Australian Gold Rush: 10 Facts

The Australian Gold Rush: 10 Facts
Medieval Europeans thought that if you drank Molten Gold with crushed Emeralds in it, the Bubonic Plague could be cured.
Edward Hargraves made the first gold discovery in 1851, when the Gold Rush begun.
Ballarat and Bendigo were the most successful gold fields in 'Victoria.
The governor of NSW, Governor Gipps, rejected gold findings because he was afraid that convicts would go rushing to the area to dog for gold. The whole country would turn upside down!
Edward Hargraves, named the place where gold was first discovered, Ophir in New South Wales. This place is where the Gold Rush first started.
Clunes was the first place in Victoria that was confirmed of finding gold. It was discovered by William Campbell in 1850. He was afraid mad diggers would come to his land, though after a set reward he announced that he had found gold. Later when the Gold Rush started, in 1851 he was given his reward of 200 pounds ($370), which was a lot back then and later on he became a politician
Although Western Australia was the state to produce the most gold, not many people went there to dig, pan and find for gold. But, today it produces 70% of the gold in Australia.
Western Australia was the most successful state of The Gold Rush. Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie, two of the gold fields in Western Australia have more gold than than all of the gold fields combined in Victoria.
Scientists predict that 80% of the worlds gold still remains undiscovered and there may be another gold rush in the near future!
Welcome Stranger! Welcome Stranger is the largest recorded gold nugget. It was discovered by a miner, John Deason on the 5 February 1869 near Moligul in Central Victoria. It weighs 65 kilograms.
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