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Captioning and Revoicing Video for FLL

No description

Stavroula Sokoli

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Captioning and Revoicing Video for FLL

Learner and teacher needs
New educational tools and ideas for foreign language learning
Why ClipFlair?
Learning by doing is more effective than learning by watching (reading or listening)
Because the audiovisual mode
film scenes
Captioning and Revoicing Video-clips for Language Learning
Why Clips?
Share activities and materials
Get feedback from teachers and peers

User feedback for the platform

Suggest material: upload activities, clips, images, texts
Wall, messages, blogs
Tools for the community of learners and teachers
More info?
Join us at the
CF conference
ClipFlair basics
Subtitling activity example
For ClipFlair beginners
Simple instructions
Fill-in-the-gaps exercise
resulting in an authentic product
The ClipFlair main idea
Does not require subtitling knowledge
Audio description activity example
Raises awareness of accessibility issues
Promotes audiovisual literacy
For practicing speaking skills
The Partnership
Learner feedback
About the activity
About the Studio
About the learners
One year (since April 2013)
967 users
Active ways to work with audiovisual materials such as films
Authentic tasks to enhance authentic materials
offers variety and flexibility
contextualizes linguistic items
provides exposure to cultural and nonverbal elements
is closer to natural ideal communication than the written or oral modes
Active approach, hands-on experience
which increases motivation
“Tangible”, shareable result:
the captioned or revoiced clip
Stavroula Sokoli ssokoli@gmail.com
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