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3 Examples of Cruel Practices of Separating Slave families

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Bri Henderson

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of 3 Examples of Cruel Practices of Separating Slave families

"Frequently, before the child has reached its twelfth month, its mother is taken from it, and hired out on some farm a considerable distance off, and the child is placed under the care of an old woman, too old for field labor "(Douglass 48).
Quote 1
Quote 3
" I had two sisters and one brother, that lived in the same house with me; but the early separation of us from our mother had well high blotted the fact of our relationship from our memories"(Douglass 72).
The practice of separating slave families from each other is a common element in slave narratives. This is due to the fact that slaves all experienced a separation from their own families or they where impacted by other slaves that underwent that process.
Quote 2
"The poor man was then informed by his overseer that, for having found fault with his master, he was now to be sold to a Georgia trader. He was immediately chained and hand cuffed; and thus, without a moments warning, he was snatched away, and forever sundered, from his family and friends, by a hand more unrelenting than death"(Douglass 62).
3 Examples of Cruel Practices of Separating Slave families
A reason for
separating slaves from their families was to pave the way for slave
to become slave
Explanation 2
Douglass uses this topic as an example of the types of cruelty employed by slave owners. The separation of slave families is also one of the ways that slave owners stripped slaves of spirit and humanity. Taking away a slaves family is like taking away their identity. Depriving them of a mother's touch, slaves could become detached and unable to properly process their emotions. Becoming emotionally unstable.
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