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Climate Change in the Maldives

No description

Ben Fidler

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Climate Change in the Maldives

Introduction Tourism in the Maldives Climate Change & the impacts on tourism in the Maldives Adapting to Climate Change Mitigating Climate Change Climate Change in the Maldives 1,190 islands
Lowest lying country in the world
Average temperature range between 25c° - 31c°
Population 390,000
Native language Maldivian/Dhivehi
Political unrest The Tale of Tourism 90+ island resorts Average occupancy rate 80%+ Where do the tourists stay? The tourist experience Plog's Psychographic Tourist Types Butlers Life Cycle Leipers Model How many tourists per year? Stakeholders in the Maldives Government Local Community Local Businesses Tourists Privately owned resorts The Greenhouse Effect Evidence of Climate Change in the Maldives Rising sea levels Temperature increase Weather extremes Sea temperature - Coral Bleaching Impacts of Climate Change on Tourism Climate change and
the future of tourism Public Stakeholders Increasing the resilience of islands Re-evaluating infrastructure Improved health status Coral Reefs Flood Control Private Stakeholders Protection of purpose built resorts Building design Staff Resort adaption Tour/Travel operators Local Community Local Business Driving forward
International Agreements
on climate Change Adaptation Actions
In the Maldives Mitigating Actions
In the Maldives Government efforts Maldives Seek for a new home Floating islands Tourists, Aviation &
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Aviation Tourism GHG Emissions Aviation Tourism GHG Emissions Environmental Strategy of the Aviation Industry Four Pillar Strategy to Mitigate Greenhouse Gases Improved Technology
Effective operations
Efficient Infrastructure
Positive Economic Measures Is this enough? Criticisms of the Aviation Industry Air travel is not energy efficient Hot Water Models referred to in today's seminar Provide a fact in relation to the Maldives Impact or Consequence of Climate Change in the Maldives Mitigating Strategies Stakeholders affected by Climate Change in the Maldives Eroding beaches Flooding islands Poor weather conditions Coral bleaching Conflict Land Loss Dangerous swimming conditions Vector borne diseases Damage to buildings Government: Role of initiatives & legislation
Global awareness
Pledge to become carbon neutral
Seeking advice
Pushing progress Resorts Reducing carbon footprint
Role in educating tourists & the local community Emissions from global tourism are expected to increase by 150% by 2035 compared to 2005 40% of global tourism emissions (C02) comes
from air transport Any Questions? Warmer winters in Northern Europe & Northern America
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