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Year 7 Elements of Music

No description

Lucy Griffiths

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Year 7 Elements of Music

Year 7 What are the elements of music, and how can we put them in our graphic scores? The Elements of Music Rhythm... What is rhythm? Rhythm is the beats in our
music, and which order
we choose to combine these
beats. (rhythm helps your
two hips move...) Lets have a listen... Texture... What is texture? Texture is the way that we combine our melodies, harmonies and rhythms! Lets Listen... Tempo... What is tempo? Tempo is how fast
or slow the music
is. Lets listen... Timbre... What is timbre? Timbre is the different sounds made by different voices or instruments! Lets listen... Pitch... What is pitch? Pitch is how high or
low a note is. Lets listen... Dynamics... What are dynamics? Dynamics are how loud
or soft the music is played. Lets listen... Lets listen... What is silence? Silence is when there is no
sound or music being played. This
could be for just one note, or for
a long time. Silence... We are going to talk about the elements of music. When we watch the videos for each element, I would like you to think in pairs of how these clips show the element of music, and how you might put these in your graphic scores.
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