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Girl interrupted...: Authors purpose of writing the story...

The reason why Susanna Kaysen would write an entire book recapping her stay in a mental hospital.

Eric Agsten

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of Girl interrupted...: Authors purpose of writing the story...

Authors reason for writing "Girl Interupted"...? Why would somebody want to write about their stay at a mental hospital...? if you were forced to stay at a hospital, would you be a bit embarassed about it? Something like that...? Would you want people to know about it? Probably not, right? So then why on earth would Susanna Kayson write a book about her stay at a insane asylum? There's tons of reasons why! One may be to show what it was like being a mental patiant. One might say that it is difficult to really understand a ligitimate crazy person. Or at least understand what it's like to be one. What better way to learn what it's like to be a nut, from someone who used to be a nut themselfs. Which brings me to another reason... Susanna Kaysan may have wrote it for the reader to determin if they're a bit crazy Several times in the story, Susanna mentions people asking about the hospital, like any other person would. And in the book, she says that it's easy to get in there, that it's simply something like a paralell universe. Here is an exact quote taken from the book... "People ask, how did you get in there? What they really want to know is if they are likley to end up in there as well. I cant answer the real question. All i can tell them is, it's easy." So if it's easy to get in there, why arent we all in a mental house? Well susanna also mentions characteristics of her partucular disorer, however she didnt feel she was insane. So... Look at it this way. It's easy to get in a mental hospital, and we may not think that in our own eyes we are crazy. Susanna did'nt, she just thought she had a few quirks about her and she was there for 2 years... All of this that susanna has provided in her book, in a way, lets the reader decide if they are crazy or not, which is someting probably none of us has ever thought about.
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