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Scavenger Hunt

No description

Karym Ascencio

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of Scavenger Hunt

Nathan Zingleman runs the writing place so if you need any help that's who you can go to. He is located in Building G room 103.
Get Help Writing a Paper
Get Something to Eat
Childcare can be available for anyone who needs it. If you need any information about it it is located in Building C and you can talk to Kasey Martinez.
Get Child Care
Financial Aid is available in Building C on the first floor.
Get Money for School
Scavenger Hunt (Montgomery Campus)

By: Karym Ascencio
This is Ana! She is one of the numerous people you can go to for help with any job questions you have or if you need help writing a resume. You can find her in Building G in room 103 mostly any day of the week.
Get Help finding a Job or Writing a Resume
Find Books or Articles for a Research Paper
If you're looking for any type of book over any subject the library is the place that will most likely have what you're looking for. You can go to find books just because you want to read something good for fun or for a research paper that you have to do really good on. It is located in Building F on the first floor.
If you have any questions about your career, any classes you are taking, or any classes you want to take, a counselor is the perfect person to go to. Angela Martin is one of the many counselors and she is located in Building G room 120. Each building has counselors. You can also go to building C and talk to advisers there as well.
Get Academic Advising
This is where anyone can get help with any classes they are having struggles with and need a better understanding of it. It is located in building C / The Star Center. It is in the far
right of the building.
Get Tutoring for One of Your Classes
If all you need is a quiet place to study, finish homework or simply read something the library is a good place to go to because its quiet. It is located in Building F.
Find a Quiet Place to Study
Most instructors would have you schedule a meeting with them to see the time and date you guys can meet, It really depends on where they want to talk. Most likely it will be in their classrooms.
Talk Privately with One of Your Instructors
Get Accomodations for Disabilities
Get Information on Campus Organizations
You can get something to eat at the Maverick Cafe which is located in Building A in the first floor.
Get Help from One of the Division Offices
There's a lot of division offices located around campus. One of them can be found on Building F on the second floor.
For any help or questions over Career Services, Disability Services or Veteran Services you can go to Building C to the 2nd floor.
If there's any clubs you are interested in joining or have questions about you can go to the commons which is Bulding A.
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