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Matthew and Kaleb

No description

lib hist

on 9 September 2016

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Transcript of Matthew and Kaleb

This project will express 4 Medal of Honor recipients: Jacob Parrott, Mary Walker, Hershel W. Williams, and Joe M. Jackson.
Mary Walker
Mary Walker was the first woman to get the medal of honor. Her colleagues never approved that she was in the army.Finally, in early 1864, Walker was appointed a civilian contract surgeon to the 52nd Ohio Volunteers. This regiment, at winter quarters near Chattanooga, TN, was desperate for an assistant surgeon, the previous one having just died. Part of her responsibilities entailed caring for the surrounding civilian population. Courageously, Walker traveled to wherever she was needed, paying little attention to the line between Union and Confederate territory. On April 10, she took a wrong road, encountered an enemy sentry, and immediately surrendered. She was imprisoned in Richmond, VA, at a military prison named Castle Thunder. The prison was overcrowded and dirty. Many of the inmates were sick, but the authorities would not allow Walker to doctor them. Most of the food was spoiled, and Walker became ill. She was released in a POW exchange on Aug. 12, 1864. As a result of her incarceration, she suffered vision problems that later in life prevented her from practicing medicine.
Hershel W. Williams
Hershel W. Williams s a retired United States Marine who received the greatest gift in the entire nation, the Medal of Honor. He was elected to receive this award for his heroic actions in the battle of Iwo during World War II. Hershel is also the last surviving recipient from that battle. One of his acts of greatness was putting a flamethrower nozzle inside of an enemy air vent, killing the occupants inside of the pillbox he was mounted on to complete his mission.
Joe M. Jackson
Joe M. Jackson was a Lieutenant Colonel Medal of Honor recipient who served America in the United States Air Force. Jackson bravely volunteered to attempt the rescue of a 3-man team from the special forces camp at Kham Duc. The camp was engulfed in flames and explosions were all around him.Despite the high chance of him dying and failing to land his aircraft, he went through with the idea and landed near the point where the combat control team was only reported to be hiding, meaning that he could be going on to just to find that they are dead or not in that spot! The 3 men were rescued and made it back with all of them alive. Lt. Col. Jackson was given the Medal of Honor for his incredible actions and bravery in the face of danger to save the 3 people on the combat control team, putting their lives and his country over his own life and safety.
Jacob Parrott
He is one of the 19 of 22 men (including 2 civilians) who, by direction of Gen. Mitchell (or Buell) penetrated nearly 200 miles south into enemy territory and captured a railroad train at Big Shanty, Ga., in an attempt to destroy the bridges and tracks between Chattanooga and Atlanta. He was the first man to ever receive the Medal of Honor.
And finally, patriotism. Patriotism is the love and devotion of ones country. All of the people who joined the armed forces did it for something: their love for their country. Jacob Parrott loved his country so much that he took all of that torture and interrogation methods for his information, and he never opened his mouth.
Matthew and Kaleb
Courage is doing the right thing while scared or in the face of danger. All four of these recipients showed this trait with dignity, and they did it all for their country. Joe M. Jackson maneuvered a helicopter in a flaming feild to save three people. Woody Williams flamethrowered the enemy. Jacob Parrott and Mary Walker both were captured and interrogated. Many people in the military think that they have courage, but only few ever show that they actually do.
Valor is showing great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle. It takes a lot of valor to flamethrower the enemy, or fly into an exploding field, or to keep their mouth shut while being interrogated by the enemy. They don't give The Medal of "Valor" to anybody, they give it to the people that deserve it.
High self esteem, respect. Those words describe what honor is. You need to respect your country to fight for it. You need to honor people who do the right thing no matter what challenge they face. And you need to respect your fellow soldiers to fight along side them. You might receive honor for your actions, but honor comes from within.
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