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DOGA presents new DPC Touch

No description


on 27 September 2017

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Transcript of DOGA presents new DPC Touch

Management of pneumatic actuators
Compatible with low voltage tools
Management of buttons
Compatible with all DC tools
Management of signal tower
Management of proximity sensors
Pick to light
Management of bar code scanner
Management of bit socket tray
Management of 4 position encoders
Management of sequence and counting
No missing screws!
15 Nm
22 Nm
18 Nm
Management of tightening jobs
All this with protected access!

8, avenue Gutenberg
78310 Maurepas, France

Phone: +33 (0) 1 30 66 41 20
Fax: +33 (0) 1 30 66 41 79
... and now we are proud to introduce:
1 year
And don't forget to check our catalog!
... and defined a new technical specification ...
...we identified current
customers' needs...
... designed the first prototype ...
Based on our expertise in integrated systems...
Were you thinking about automation of your work station?
DOGA developed for you a new integrated solution!
Do you want to achieve high quality standards of the assembly without defects?
7" color touch screen
Intuitive graphical user interface
Graphical guiding messages
Assignable inputs and outputs
Management of feeding points
Informative operating screen
can manage your complete
workstation with various automation equipment.
Let's have a look!
And there is much more!
by Alexander Bogdanov
Data sheet
LCD screen:
202x127x38 mm
0.55 kg
12 inputs, 12 outputs, 24V
7" touch screen (800x480)
4 encoders, 0...5V
Jobs max:
Steps max:
Positions max:
255 per job
99 per step

Flexible configuration of the interface with tool and PLC with assignable I/O's

Open job structure allows creation of customized logical sequences of fastenings, messages and logical I/O's.
Just follow instructions on the screen...
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