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My History

No description


on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of My History

Katherine Chan, A History A Journey Through Time: From the Beginning... Who am I Today? Air Quality Their Immigration Experience Major World Events & Me My Life's Influences am a tenth grade student at Markville Secondary School
live in Markham January 18, 1997
Brampton General Hospital, Brampton, Ontario younger sibling My Mom's Origins: Hubei, China My Dad's Origins: Hong Kong Effect on Me: immigrated around 10 years old
mother's family was sponsored by my grandmother's niece My Parents married 1990
born 1960s Why My Parents Moved Here Effect on Me: rich education
quality, accessible healthcare
live having access to basic needs + more dusty Home Country Canada fresh, clean Water had to travel to central water distribution tank, boil all water easy access at tap, clean Washrooms latrines, common, unhygenic, no bathroom tissue toilets, private Relationships lots of friends, family few to no friends, family grew up in house where Mandarin, Cantonese, English were spoken
education Life as a Teen My Parents Me Housing small semi-detached house live in bigger, detached home in suburbia Social Interaction isolation due to language barrier, cultural differences, etc. have friends, comfortable Transportation primary transportation: walking, biking
others: bus, car Bus, bike, walk, but car is dominant method of transportation Entertainment playing outside, going to each other's houses, mall, telephone Technology typewriter, copier, fax machine, large desktops touch-screen devices (e.g. cellphones), social media changed communication methods entirely (e.g. text messaging) many of the same things, but technology and social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) have a large part Effect on Me: grateful for living in Canada Influence Effect As a result of my grandparents and parents immigrating to Canada, I... ...and also a proud Canadian. 1997 - Princess Diana Dies 1999 - Euro is introduced 2001 - Wikipedia is founded 2003 - Iraq War begins 2005 - Kyoto Protocol in effect 2008 - Barack Obama elected President of US 2010 - Gulf of Mexico oil spill 2011 - Political strife in Africa (e.g. Egypt, Syria) 2001 - 9/11 July 26, 1976 came to Canada with $4
stayed with relative for 5 days
August 1 - grandfather got job with CP Rail
borrowed $100 to get apartment in GTA
grandmother got job at
scrimped and saved for education How They Came to Canada: The first day of school for my sister. Pictured from left to right is me, my grandmother, my mother, and my sister. family values, beliefs activities e.g. music - two instruments, spend lots of time playing school/
community people - friends, teachers
what I learn - academically, socially
student council have a mother, father, and older sister... equality - government
quality education
more job opportunities
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