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No description

thames thames

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of fossa

How big is it?
Since fossa is active climber, it is slim and weighs usually between 15 and 28.5 pounds. Males are larger than females.
How Fossa looks like?
Fossa is a cat-like creature that closely related to the mongoose family. They can be found only in the tropical rainforests of the Madagascar.
Fossa has black, brown or red fur and long slender body. Although they look like cats, they are more closely related to mongooses.
Fossa has round ears, large eyes and short snout with long whiskers.
Fossa is nocturnal animal (active during the night), but when the food sources are scarce, it can switch to daily hunt.
They hunt any of 30 different species of lemurs that reside the Madagascar. Besides lemurs, fossa also eats small mammals, birds, fish, lizards, frogs and domestic animals (such as chickens).
What fossa likes to eat?
The end
by Jan and Bartosz
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