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Symbolism in Hatchet

No description

Lisa Robison

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Symbolism in Hatchet

Determining the
Meaning of Symbols
in Hatchet What is a symbol in a novel? Do Now: Ask yourself the following questions: A symbol is: Ms. Robison A person, place or object That represents something else in the novel Like an idea, a theme or an emotion How Can One Determine the Meaning of a Symbol? Whom does this object belong to? (If applicable) What is the personal connection/relationship of this object to the main character? What does he/she use it for? How does the main character feel about this particular object? What does it make him/her think of? What is the history between this object and the main character? When has he/she encountered it in the past or throughout the course of novel? What is happening in the main character's life at the time the object is encountered and/or mentioned? Symbols in Hatchet The Rifle The Hatchet The Plane What does the Hatchet symbolize? Survival, safety, protection, resourcefulness, rescue Brian's multiple uses of the hatchet make it symbolize resourcefulness. It is also a key to Brian's survival. What does the rifle represent? Civilization intruding on nature Brian feels the rifle would given him an unfair advantage. What does the plane symbolize? Life & Death, Endings & Beginnings The crash is the end of Brian's normal life and beginning of the adventure. It is the place of the pilot's death, but holds the transmitter and survival pack - the key to Brian's life and rescue. Exit Ticket:
Name one way you can determine the meaning of a symbol.
What was the meaning of your group's symbol?
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