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Chuck the Circle's Amazing Mathematical Adventure

No description

Nico A

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Chuck the Circle's Amazing Mathematical Adventure

Let me introduce you to Chuck. He was born into a family of circles. He is 20 years old. He lives in the World of Shapes. In the World of shapes there are a lot of different countries. That is about all that I can tell you about Chuck the Circle and his world.
Chuck the Circle
Chuck the Circle's Amazing
Mathematical Adventure

Chuck has just arrived at the Land of Triangles,which is only one mile away from the Land of Circles.
There he is seen by a triangle guard that has to ask Chuck a secret code to get into the Land of Triangles. The guard gives him one hint. The guard asks, "What is a diameter? If you know draw me a circle with the diameter." Chuck replies, "A line segment that passes through the center of the circle." Chuck also drew the circle with the diameter. Now he is able to go to the Square Country.
The Square Country loves sports. They play from football to cricket. A few square soccer players from the Square Country walk up to Chuck and threaten to use him as a ball. But, he wouldn't be used as a ball if he correctly answered one question. The squares asked him, "What is the circumfrence of a circle?" Chuck replied, "The circumfrence of a circle is the diameter of the circle multiplied by pi." "You're right, you can leave," said the squares. So, Chuck carried on his journey.
Chuck had to take a boat ride to Trapezoid Island. There he met Tippy the Trapezoid. Tippy gave him a tour of Trapezoid Island and helped Chuck answer tough questions. He showed him a cool thing called the TrapPhone 5S. Chuck bought it so that he can call his friends and family from his epic journey. But then, a mean trapezoid tried to ask him a question for it. He said, "If you get this wrong, I'll take that phone of yours." "Okay then," replied Chuck. "What is the radius of circle who's diameter is 6 inches," the bully asked. Chuck answered, "The answer is 3 inches." Chuck knew this because 6 divided by 2 equals 2. "You can leave," said the mean trapezoid. So Chuck did so. Chuck was living with Tippy, but had to leave. :(
When Chuck was walking to Circle County he saw a house. He knocked on the door and a circle answered. Chucked asked the circle for its name. He said his name was Carl. Carl let Chuck stay for a while. They played XCircle360. It is called that because a circle is 360 degrees. They had pizza at Pentagon's Pizza Palace. It was so much fun. But, the week flew by. It was time to go for Chuck. So he left Carl and set off for Circle County.
Pentagon Place is very popular for its pentagon shaped pizza. Chuck was asked to make pentagon pizza, but he couldn't. So, he said a pizza should be round! With 0 sides and 0 vertices!" Then he left.
Pentagon Place
At last Chuck has finally made it to the Land of Ovals. Before he could enter, he had to answer a question asked by the oval guard. The oval guard asked, "What is the circumfrence of a circle with a diameter of 9.7 inches?" Chuck answered, "Easy, 30.458." This is because 9.7 x 3.14 = 30.458." "You may enter," said the guard. He finally was able to see the ovals. They had no sides or vertices just like circles. Chuck loved his adventure.
Chuck has just decided to go on a trip. He will go to the Land of Ovals to see shapes that are somewhat the same, but also are different.
Chuck Decides to Go On a Trip
Circle County was a nice place. It was filled with circles. Chuck loved it. Then some circle walked up to him and said, "Only smart people live here! You don't look so smart." "I'm smart," said Chuck. "Oh yeah," said the circle. "Well, what's a radius?" "Easy," answered Chuck. "It is a straight line segment that ends at the center." "I guess you're right," the circle said. "You can leave." So Chuck did so.
Hexagon State
Circle County
At Last!
Trapezoid Island
Carl's House
Chuck Goes to the Land of Triangles
Chuck is in the Square Country
Hexagon State is a state where hexagons lived. It was also home of the Shape World's most famous college: Hexagon State University. One hour after he arrived a math genius from the college asked Chuck a question about his own self. He said, "How many sides and vertices do you have?" Chuck answered, "That's easy I have zero sides and zero vertices." "You can leave now," said the hexagon genius.
By: Nico A.
The center of the circle.
The line represents the diameter.
Chuck's Picture:
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