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Ethical Egoism

No description

Michelle Arenz

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Ethical Egoism

Ethical Egoism By: Katelyn Roberts,
Ali Levenhagen,
Chong Xiong, Michelle Arenz Problems with
Ethical Egoism Questions? Sometimes goes
against moral intuition Publicity Argument Paradox of Egoism Self-contradictory Does not
solve conflict You do not always know what is in your best interest It is a moral theory that claims people should pursue
their own self-interests
(in the long run). Egoism vs Altruism Psychological vs Ethical
Egoism What is Ethical Egoism? Psychological Egoism:
- by NATURE people are self-interested
Ethical Egoism:
- people OUGHT TO be self-interested Altruism:
- interested in others (and only others)
- interested in self (and only self) Example:
Car seat on the side of the road Whose best interest wins?
Welfare A good moral theory should solve conflict.
Congress VS White House Deep friendships are required for a fulfilling life
- To have deep friendships, you need to be
altruistic sometimes Example:
Caring for people with disabilities Promoting ethical egoism is not in your self-interest
- You would be better off if everyone was an altruist
- Example: game in class on Tuesday Ethical Egoism Pirates of the Caribbean
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