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Marketing Automation: Corp Comm

What is marketing automation? How does content marketing fit in?

Delinda Tinkey

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Marketing Automation: Corp Comm

Revenue Performance Management Marketing Automation Market Marketing Qualified Sales Accepted Reaches score Responds to marketing Worked by Sales Engaged Sales Qualified Client Fallout Open opportunity (pipeline) SalesForce.com Integration Functionality Send Emails Build Emails Build Landing Pages Build Forms List Management Store Data Record Web History Lead Scoring Manage Programs Analysis Data Scrubbing Manage Email Preferences Task Sales Triggers Sync to WebEx Build Drip Campaigns A/B Test Email Templates Shift in B2B buying process Marketing has Changed Forever Content over creative Marketers move beyond vanity metrics Non Promotional
Relevant to Reader
Closes a Gap
Relevant to Your Company
Gives Proof Content & Lead Generation Content & Lead Nurturing Fueled by Content Marketing 25% of new leads are sales ready Content & Lead Scoring Relevance is key to entice the lead to engage with content multiple times. Subscribe to every MA blog (Marketo & Eloqua) Takeaways Get connected socially "The social web is the greatest source of ongoing free leads ever seen." Stay on top of new ways to deliver content Plug into contentmarketingworld.com 54% of businesses plan to increase spending on content marketing in the next 12 months
Biggest challenges for content marketers include producing enough content, followed by producing the kind of content that engages CM World 2012 Summarized by Jon Miller, VP Marketing, Marketo Read the resource library on Marketo.com Measure the results of your content % of traffic from non-branded keywords (40% in Aug) % of leads from inbound sources (66% in Aug) % of early stage content (?) Keep 'em moving! Impact on Funnel Dynamic Content Segmentation Social Marketing Progressive Profiling
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