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grade 4 social project

Sophia R

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of albertanow+20

Alberta while Calgary’s LRT stations are all above ground. while the Calgary zoo has a bit over 1,000 animals. They both have professional hockey teams. Edmonton’s team is called the Edmonton Oilers Did you know that Edmonton has five Stanly cups and that Calgary only has one? It’s sad because Calgary has hosted the Olympics and Edmonton hasn’t. Edmonton has more skating rinks than Calgary. Edmonton
Taste of Edmonton is a great way to celebrate your cultures food.
March 11 to March 14 in Canmore they cross country ski all the way down the main street.
Central Alberta
The rocky rodeo has chariot races, pony chuck wagon races and a professional rodeo

At the Lacombe art show over 60 artists will show their art and after they can go for coffee at the Gourmet Café.
Northern Alberta
Every weekend in between Jan. 8-March 5
Is The winter Light festival for example you can ice skate.

Southern Alberta
They tell a story about three horses. Ones a black colt, a bay colt and a chestnut filly. These stories remind us about how much we love horses.

Where is the Canadian Shield located in Alberta?
What is the Canadian shield?
What does the Canadian shield look like?
It’s located in the North East corner of Alberta.
It’s a rocky ground.
It’s a rocky ground on the North East part of Alberta.
Boreal Forests Whooping cranes and woodland caribous live in the Boreal Forest
In the Boreal Forest thier weather is rainy, short summers and long winters.
Trees, aspen and balsam are commonly found in that area. Foothills the foothills might be nice to visit.

It might be nice to explore.

You Canoe and camp there

You can go Hunting.

Elk, moose, deer, bears and other wildlife are there.

There are a few places where foothills are. Parkland Region It used to be really grassy and had lots of trees.
The soil is very rich.
This land is sometimes mistaken as a prairie.
This area develops farms. Rocky Mountains Jasper,
In Jasper there are the Alberta Rockies.
In Jasper you could spot a Grizzly bear.
In Jasper there is Lake Louise
In Jasper you could see bears wolfs and other wild animals.
Banff used to be a pioneer home
Banff is very little
In Banff there’s the Bow river
In Banff there is the Banff upper hot springs
Grasslands Wheat
Sun flowers
Purple coneflower
White pelican
Peregrine falcon
Swift fox
Festivals Alberta regions Edmonton and Calgary black colt bay colt chestnut filly Christmas is a time to spend time with your family, eating a big feast and giving presents to each other. The rodeo is a time when they race in chuck wagons and lots of music is played. Calgary
New Years eve is a time where they count down until midnight and sometimes there are fireworks.

The Circus is a place where there’s clowns and sometimes even games that you play to get prizes. In Canmore they have an ArtsPeak art festival where they show art on the mountains. In March at northern Alberta they have an event called Downtown dining. It’s where all the chefs from downtown get to cook all together. Calgary's team is called the Calgary Flames Calgary and Edmonton both have LRT stations. Edmonton has a LRT stations underground Another thing is that they both have zoos. Edmonton has a bit over 350 animals
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