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Pleasantville Film Analysis

No description

Ben Dover

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of Pleasantville Film Analysis

Pleasantville Film Analysis
by: Claire, rachel & Jireh

Juxtaposition Example 2
two contrasting situations in the same shot
real life family on left side of lamp, ideal family on right side
arguing that their father needs to see them vs the father not knowing where his kids are momentarily
Technique - Camera Angles
Technique - Juxtaposition
Montage Example 2
uses a montage to show the different classes in a school day
the three shots connect because they all talk about how their life will be horrible post-graduation
low spirited/robotic teachers bluntly suggest dim future ahead with statistics
Technique- Use of Montages
Montage Example #1: Flipping through the TV channels (shortly followed by)
Pleasantville photo album of the seasons
uses juxtaposition between the two montages
the shots you see someone flipping channels shows chaos of the real world
the shots in the album show that each memory in Pleasantville was perfect
audience is surprised to see a not so fairy tale-like scenario: a busy high school crowd
the following scene is not what we expected as it shows our world, not a fairy tale setting
very real life like, compared to the fairy tale approach in the first picture
not magical at all.
"Once Upon a Time.."
implies that the following is a fairy tale
there will be a happy ending
some sort of magic involved
Example 1: Mix of irony and juxtaposition
Low Angle Shot
High Angle Shot
David is watching his mother leave town
shows the distance between them
symbolizes how David sees everything that happens but does not do anything due to his passive nature
View of David from mother's car
David seems small, vulnerable
He seems to have no say in the situation
And that concludes our film analysis!
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