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lucy and Hillary

Lucy and Hillary

lib hist

on 27 October 2016

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Transcript of lucy and Hillary

types of religion
The new york colony was originally founded by the dutch,founded by Peter Minuit in 1626. in 1664 the dutch surrendered the colony to the English and then was renamed new york after the duke of york.
New York history
New York was named after the Duke of York and Albany, the brother of King Charles the second of England.
New York was originally known as New Amsterdam.
New York was often referred to as a bread-basket colony, because it grew so many crops, especially wheat.
New York is located on the Atlantic Coast of North America.
Type of people living in New York
In the New York colony many different type of people lived there, but it was mostly immigrants and a lot of religions people. Another group of people who lived in New York were indentured servants who would work as an employer to pay for boat trips and other fees.Lastly, another group of colonist were african-american slaves who were forced to work for their whole life and treated harshly.
Types of Economy
Come to New York
Reasons Founded
New York was first under Dutch rule as a Dutch trading post, but when claimed by the English it was used as a new world port. (used to settle more land as part of the new world)
The most common type of economy in new york was agriculture in mostly the 1600s.Colonist made their living in many ways for example, fur trapping, lumber trading, and shipping.
The religion in the new york colony had four most major types which were Quaker,Lutheran,Anglican, Catholic , Judaism

Quaker-a group of christians who use no scripture and believe in daily worship

Lutheran- a follower of Martin Luther

Anglican-relating to the church of England

Catholic-free from provincial prejudices or "Catholic in one's taste"
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