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Half Broke Horses

No description

Kiana Jensen

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Half Broke Horses

Lily's Journey Half Broke Horses Happy Jack Arizona Illinois Salt Draw Texas KC Ranch Sisters of Loretto Academy Red Lake Leupp Greasewood Wide Ruins Chicago Ash Fork Main Street Peach Springs Prescott Big Sandy Phoenix Horse Mesa - Lily's hometown
- Family:
- Sister (Helen) and
- Mom (Daisy) and Dad - Living Conditions:
- Dirt house
- Children free to do anything - Lily's dad relies on her to do work around the farm and take care of family - Flash flood ruins house, and the family moves to KC Ranch after Dad's murder charge dropped - Already owned and rented out - Finally lived in a
normal house - Dad realized that he wasn't prepared for the amount of work
- Lily had to take over
the work - Eventually, the kids were
enrolled in school - Lily grew a liking to Mother Albertina
- She loved school
- Won many medals for her achievements
- She was only able to stay for a year because her dad wasn't able to pay for tuition
- Decides that teaching is her Purpose KC Ranch #2 - Realized dad didn't pay for tuition because he bought dogs
- Their neighbor killed the dogs, but in return gave horses
- She found her favorite horse, Patches
- Got a letter from Mother Albertina who informed her to take a teaching test to get hired as a teacher
- She had this opportunity because of the war
- She took the test in Santa Fe
- Traveled 500 miles on horseback to her new job in Red Lake, Arizona (takes a month) - One room school house
- Slept in the classroom
- Halfway through the year, a certified teacher took her spot
- She was sent to many cities over the years to teach until people took her spot
- The war ended (she was 18) and she no longer had anymore jobs unless she got a degree - On the way back to KC ranch, she saw an airplane
- Her dream now was to one day be able fly one
- "Another thing that airplane made realize was that there was a whole world out there beyond ranch land that I've never seen, a place where I might finally get that darn diploma and maybe even fly that airplane." KC Ranch #3 - Dad expects her to get back to work and stay for good
- She knows she doesn't belong there
- She's ready to go to a big city, and decides on Chicago - Moves into a boarding house for women
- Searches for a job and settles for a maid job, where she figures she can get connections with people with money
- Rooms with Minnie, her first real friend
- Minnie dies in an accident at a bottling plant
- Meets Ted and marries quickly
- She eventually enjoys married life
- Gets hit by a car and the doctors made her call Ted's work and they say his wife's name is Margaret
- She starts following Ted and finds out he has another wife and family
- They divorce and she vows never to marry again
- Loses all her money to Ted
- Doesn't want to be in Chicago anymore so she returns to KC Ranch - After spending some time living in Phoenix, they realized that they weren't meant for the city life (especially Rosemary)
- When they move, Lily gets another job as a teacher
- The kids attend boarding school again - While she was here, Helen (Lily's sister) comes to stay because she's pregnant out of wedlock
- Even though she tries very hard to help her sister start a new life, Helen wasn't accepted in society (i.e. Father Cavanaugh)
- One day, Lily came home and found Helen had hung herself
- This affects Lily forever - Because Helen died while pregnant, Lily suddenly had a dream of having her own child
- This meant finding a husband
- She proposed to Jim Smith (a long time friend) - Jim and Lily own a gas station
- Due to the Depression, they end up going bankrupt
- Rosemary and Little Jim are born Yavapai County
(includes Ash Fork) - Jim and Lily get hired as ranch managers
- They work for British investors ("Camel Brothers")
- This ranch became a huge part of Rosemary and Little Jim's life
- Jim was in his element as a ranch manager
- Lily starts working in other cities in order to save up money to own their own ranch someday - Rosemary attends boarding school
- Her grades drop a lot
- Very smart, but chooses not to try - Her heart is at the ranch and she just wants to go back
- She doesn't fit in with the other girls due to her tomboy habits
- The school board calls Lily, informing her that Rosemary will not be able to attend for another year
- While Rosemary and Little Jim attended school, Lily was going to get her teaching diploma (worked several jobs to achieve this goal) Ranch #2 - After Lily's mom dies, she receives a telegram from her father informing her that he is dying
- Lily and Rosemary venture off to Tucson to be with him as he dies and to fulfill his wish of being buried at the ranch - Eventually the investors decide to start putting their money in the munitions industry because of the war
- Jim, Lily, Rosemary and Little Jim need to start a new life Rosemary - She completes high school and goes to college
- Lots of boys like her
- Rex Walls met her and told her that they were gonna get married
- They started dating and she brought him home to see the family
- Lily didn't approve of him (said she needed a "rock" and he wasn't it)
- Rosemary ignored her mother's disapproval and ended up getting married to Rex
- They had no plans of where they would live, or what they would do Red Lake #2 Rosemary and Lily - A defining moment in the relationship between Rosemary and Lily:
- Rosemary was caught skinny dipping with a group of boys
- Lily ended up whipping her with a belt
- Rosemary loses trust for her mom and decides she'd never raise her kids that way
- Lily decides she can't trust Rosemary around men so she sends her back to boarding school THE END!!!!! By: Kiana, Mariah, Dani and Roxanne New Mexico
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