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Storing Nail Care Tools and Equipments

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Jan Therese Parcon

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of Storing Nail Care Tools and Equipments

5. Implement Storage:

a. Implements that have been used on a client or soiled in any manner are
placed in a properly labeled covered receptacle until disinfected;

b. Sanitized implements are stored in a clean closed container or drawer until

6 . Towels

a. Cloth towels are deposited in a closed receptacle after use;

b. Used/soiled cloth towels are not used again until properly laundered and

c. Disposable towels are discarded in a covered waste receptacle immediately
following each nail technology service;

Things to Remember
1. Tools which are made of plastic should be kept clean and sanitized properly in preparation for the next client.

2. Empty bottles and containers must be discarded in a covered trash bin.

Nails grow faster in summer than winter – because in summer nail get close to sun more than winter which increases Vitamin E to help grow nails faster than winter.

Are you male? then you must know your nails grow faster than female nails, except during pregnancy where female nails grow faster.

Which hand do you use? Right, then you must know this. Nails of the hand which you use most grows faster than the nails of the other hand.

Do you know nails & hairs are made of protein keratin.

To grow 1 centimeter nail take 100 days (approximately) and to completely renew they need 4 to 6 months. While toenail take much longer time 12 to 18 months.

Manicure has been around 4000 years.

3. Used treatment products and other chemicals are stored, arranged and properly labeled in the cabinet.

4. Finger bowls must be sanitized before another client will use them.

5. The hand and foot spa machine must be kept dry after disinfecting them.

8. Tools/Implements which are made of porous materials such as nail files, buffers, nail
brushes and orangewood sticks can harbor bacteria easily. Since they are wood
products which cannot be sterilized, these tools should not be reused.

9. Waste materials should be disposed of properly in an enclosed waste bin fitted with
polythene bag. The bin should be sanitized with disinfectant regularly. Remember to wear protective gloves while doing this.

10. Any tool or equipment in poor condition must be repaired immediately, replaced or
disposed of properly so as not to pose danger not only to the clients but also to the

1. Flammable and combustible chemicals are stored away from potential sources of
ignition such as an open flame or an electrical device;
Fast Facts
Storing Nail Care Tools and

Thank you!
6. Table tops and door handles are wiped with disinfectant and the floor should be mopped with disinfectant as well.

7. Metal tools and instruments must be sterilized following proper sterilization techniques. After the process, store in a dry cabinet until needed.


A manicurist must ensure that storage of nail care tools, materials and equipment
within the establishment meets the following requirements.

2. All nail care chemicals are stored in closed bottles or containers.

3. Storage units:

a. Cabinets, drawers, containers used for storage of implements and towels are clean;

b. Clean linen is stored in an enclosed, dust-proof cabinet or container;

c. Implements which have been used on a client are not placed in a container with clean implements;

5. Supplies:

a. Unused supplies, except product application brushes, are stored in a clean, closed container or drawer;

b. Used/soiled disposable supplies are discarded immediately in a clean, closed waste receptacle;
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