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Group A Presentation

Pride and Prejudice, Great Gatsby, Beowulf, Odyssey

Lit Circle

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Group A Presentation

Great Books! Jacob Hornsby Whitley Bagley Ariel Kurschner Jordan Beasley JenaLee Sanders Brittany Williamson Summary Vocabulary Illustrations Travel Chaser Investigations Discussions! CONNECTIONS In the Odyssey, The character Homer sent Odysseus to seek advice from a long dead oracle. Although there were many oracles in ancient Greece, there is only one known as the oracle of the dead. Where this oracle was located was the entryway to the underworld. The entryway to the underworld is called Ephyra. No one knows the exact location of Ephyra. But some speculations place the city here Theme: Themes in our books strongly center around social connections, societal status, and class. character : The Great Gatsby takes place in New York. The characters
spend a lot of time in Gatsby's house, Nick's house or tom's house. Pride and Prejudice Beowulf The Great Gatsby The Odyssey Adroit -Quick or skillful in action or thought Fulsome -Unpleasantly and excessively suave Quixotic -Not sensible about practical matters Prognosticate -Make a prediction about... Pique -A sudden outburst of anger Necrosis -Localized death of living cells Winsome -Charming in a naive way Roamer -Someone who wanders Thane -A fuedal lord or baron Wight -A human being Wassail - A punch made of sweetened ale Burg -A town Fractiousness- Prone to disobedience Levity -A manner lacking seriousness Reproach -Express criticism towards Supercilious -Having arrogant superiority Languid -Lacking spirit or liveliness Deft -Skillful in physical movements Rancor -Deep seeded hatred Lout -An awkward or stupid person Profusion -A large amount Assuage -To calm or soothe Tremulous -Quivering or shaking Smote -To kill Beowulf King Hrothgar had built a feasting hall, Heorot. He and his thanes and spent nights in the hall, laughing and celebrating. From the depths of a nearby swamp, a monster by the name of Grendel was angered by their cheerfulness. So at night for the following twelve years, he'd kill whoever was in the great hall. One day, Beowulf and a group of his fellow Geats had come to rid the King of the awful monster. That night, they stayed in the hall and when Grendel came, Beowulf was waiting. After a bloody battle, Beowulf was able to tear Gendel's arm completely off. Grendel staggered off into the night. That morning, Beowulf presented Hrothgar with Grendel's arm. They celebrated in Beowulf's name, but that night Grendel's mother came to seek her revenge. Beowulf followed her. At the swamp, he fought off dragons to get to the underwater cave. Here he battles and defeats Grendel's mother. Beowulf said farewell to King Hrothgar. He reigned over half of a kingdom for many years until the end of his life when he discovered a dragon terrorizing his land. He died soon after slaying the dragon. Beowulf takes place in what is current day Sweden and Denmark. And it looked like this In Pride and Prejudice there is a constant mentioning of the dowry system. A dowry (or marriage portion) is the money or property that a bride brought into her marriage. A girl whose family had money could marry whom she pleased. Women generally tried to marry into a wealthier class than what they were born into. Dowries weren't necessarily in cash; they could include houses and other real estate, jewelry, art, or any other asset agreed upon by the two families. There is no indication of who wrote Beowulf, scholars have suggested at least two possibilities. But neither have been generally accepted. The kingdom of Mercia during the reign of Offa the Great has been suggested. Partially because the poet included 31 lines praising Offa's ancestor. Beowulf: The Great Gatsby: The Odyssy: Pride and Prejudice: It is also believed that the existing manuscript may be the authors own copy. This would mean the the poem was written closer to 1000 A.D. And it is now usually connected to East Anglia. It has been suggested that the East Anglian royal family considered themselves descended from Wiglaf, who comes to Beowulf's aid during the dragon fight. Others suggest that a mixed Viking Anglo Saxon area or even the reign of the Danish Canute (King of England when the manuscript was written) would have been the most obvious time and place. It has also been suggested that the poem might have been written to gain the allegiance of Vikings settled in England to the family of Alfred, since they claimed Scyld as an ancestor. On the other hand, Alfred's family may have added Scyld to their family tree because he and his family were so famous through an already existing Beowulf deals with identity and reputation
Characters in Beowulf are unable to even talk about their identity or introduce themselves without referring to family lineage
Characters perform heroic deeds in order to uphold or gain a good status The Odyssey Pride and Prejudice Beowulf The Great Gatsby Odysseus isn't technically a king, but is basically in a king's class. His son, Telemachus, is searching for him throughout the book and doing things along his journey in hopes of living up to his father's status. The Great Gatsby is set in a time period of prosperity and wealth. A person from any social background could, potentially, make a fortune, but the American families with 'old wealth' looked down upon the newly rich.
Fitzgerald positioned the characters as emblems of the social trends going on at the time.
Gatsby is 'new money' so his dream of loving daisy(who comes from old money) is ruined because of the difference in their social statuses. During the 20's, if you had money you had the "it life". The American Dream at it's max. It is an extremely exaggerated idea of life in the 20's. All night the wealthy would party and live life to it's fullest. This was what many people in that era looked upon as success. They wanted the huge gaudy house with the loud obnoxious parties. They wanted to drive the Rolls Royce and have shirts imported to them from Italy just so they might wear them. Obvious themes are class and reputation
depicts a society where a woman's reputation is extremely important and if they step out of the social norm they are basically outcast.
-One of many examples is when Lydia elopes with Wickham the author treats it ass a very serious matter where the entire bennet family is at stake.
The lines of class throughout the story are strictly drawn. The Bennets, who are middle class, may socialize with the Darcys and Bingleys, but are clearly their inferiors and are treated that way. From whose viewpoint is the opening statement written? Discuss Gatsby's character as Nick perceives him throughout the novel. What makes Gatsby 'great'? Why is the focus of the story on Beowulf as a hero rather than as a king? Discuss the women in Homer's work. What role do women play in the Odyssey, and how do you think they represent the women of ancient Greece? Pride and Prejudice takes place in England in the Shires. The Odyssey starts in Greece. Odysseus goes to fight the war in Troy and after the war he taken all across the Aegean Sea. First they went to the land of the Lotus Eaters. Then Taken to places such as the island of the Cyclops's and past the sirens. He was then taken to the Isle of Circe and she told him to go to the Underworld. He got stuck on Calypso's island for seven years. Then he goes home. The story of Pride and Prejudice is about the Bennett sisters and how their mother is searching for husbands for each of them. It mainly focuses on the story of Elizabeth (the second oldest) and her ongoing confusing relationship with Mr. Darcy. His motivations and arrogance astounds her and once she realizes that his intentions aren't what she assumes she finds that she judged him unfairly. Reaching beyond her pride she finds that they are very similar after all. Pride and Prejudice Even though our characters are different eras they all have a very strong and independent personality. The story of the Odyssey is the journey of Odysseus as he comes back from Troy. The God of the Sea, Poseidon stops him any way he can, because Odysseus defeated the Trojans. Odysseus's son is constantly looking for his father with the help of Athena. The Great Gatsby The Odyssey Beowulf Pride and Prejudice The Odyssey The Great Gatsby is about a guy named Nick who moves to New York after the war. He moves into a small house next to Jay Gatsby who becomes important later. He Goes to his cousin Daisy's house and sees her husband Tom. Nick also meets Jordan Baker who he kind of has a crush on. Those four spend alot of time together. Gatsby becomes friends with Nick and asks him to get him and Daisy in a room together because they have history and he wants to start their relationship back up again. Gatsby spends alot of with Daisy and then Tom finds out and he confronts them about it. Gatsby is the main character and his presence is very strong. Whenever he is in the room everyone knows. It's not that he says a lot it's the way he carries himself. Beowulf is the future king of Geats. However the story focuses more on the fact that he is a hero. He accomplishes incredible feats living up to his hero status. Mr Darcy (a lot like Gatsby and Beowulf) carries himself well like he is the best. No one looks at him like he is a hero however they look at him like they want to know him and know why he is the way he is. He is popular because of money and a high social status. Odysseus has a very strong presence. He is brave and courageous and everyone looks up to him. HE is not a king but everyone treats him as such.
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