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Why were the Middle Colonies more successful than the New England Colonies?

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kevin cook

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Why were the Middle Colonies more successful than the New England Colonies?

WHY WERE THE MIDDLE COLONIES MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN THE NEW ENGLAND COLONIES? New York Pennsylvania Deleware New Jersey GEOGRAPHY The Middle Colonies benefited from fertile soil, as compared to the rocky soil of the New England Colonies. ECONOMY RELIGION SOCIETY The main producer of wheat, rye, hemp, and flax Easy access and transport due to broad rivers such as the Hudson River Farming was a major contributor to the success of the colonies. Cash Crops: wheat, rye, and barley Representative form of Government. Shipping and commerce. The Middle Colonies had a very diverse society: contained British (majority), German, French, Scandinavian, and other Europeans. Their society also contained some enslaved Africans as well as free. The main cause to their success was due to the fact that they had "Freedom of Religion." Due to the founder William Penn being a Quaker however he realized that the more diverse the better. WILLIAM PENN The main reason for the creation of the Middle Colonies. H wanted to create a "haven for Quakers." The reason for ''Penns''ylvania's name. William Penn guarenteed any adult male 50 acres of land and the right to vote Because of the Hudson and Deleware Rivers and many other easy bodies of water to transport and land in the Middle Colonies they very much succeeded through Trade. Due to fertile soil and great weather conditions they grew lare quantaties of crops increasing their trade due to growing and producing crops the other colonies couldn't. Unlike the New England colonies the Middle Colonies had a great relationship with the Natives. Throughout history we have learned that many colonies failed due to a poor relationship with the natives and William Penn realized that. Weather: TRADE The Middle Colonies would trade silver collars to the natives as a token of peace. The Middle Colonies promoted free expression of religion. The middle colonies consisted of mainly: -Quakers -JewIsH -Lutheran -Catholic FREE
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