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to be verbs

No description

Justin Unruh

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of to be verbs

Is, Am, Are, Was, Were, Be, Being, Been How to eliminate linking verbs Sometimes a good replacement just pops into your brain. For example, instead of "That cherry pie sure is good," substitute the "to-be" verb is with tastes in"That cherry pie sure tastes good." Substitute Start the sentence differently to see if this helps eliminate a "to-be" verb. For example, instead of "The monster was in the dark tunnel creeping," reearange as "Down the dark tunnel crept the monster." Rearrange For example, instead of "Charles Schulz was the creator of the Peanuts cartoon strip," change the common noun creator to the verb created as in "Charles Schulz created the Peanuts cartoon strip." Change another word in the sentence into a verb. Look at teh sentences before and after the one with the "to-be" verb to see if one of them can combine with the "to-be" verb sentecne and so elimnate the "to-be" verb. For example, instead of "The child was sad. The sensitive young person was feeling that way becasue of the news story about the death of the homeless man," combine as "The news story about the death of the homeless man saddened the sensitive child." Combine Sentences 1. Circle "to-be" verbs
2. Look for specific examples from The Interlopers and Research. Peer Editing Hand back the papers For every new sentence a student creates, that student will receive a starburst. Use your new strategies to make new sentences.
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